Slang Monday, or "How Nick was almost hauled off in the coppa cruisa"
I usually do Slang Mondays when my weekend was really boring and I want it to sound cooler than it was. This time, though, we nearly had a brush with the law, so I thought it would be appropriate.

Here goes nothing:

Yous want to dig how our weekend went? I thought so.

We didn't do a whole lot Friday night, aside from our usual flexin' on da couch. On Saturday, we hit up Starbucks, we shopped, an' we chilled nonstop. Nick scored six freesome tickets to da Kansas City Brigade game for Saturday night, so we yelled at just about everyone we knew to check peeps to go wiv us. We could only check one uva couple, so Nick decided he would try to sell da uva pair of tickets once we got dere. Dis iz where it gets excitin'.

We knew it wuz illegal to sell tickets ova face value, but we didn’t nah it wuz illegal to sell da tickets altogetha, evun for less dan face value. Anyway, in case yous wuz wonderin', it iz illegal to sell tickets at any price, as we wuz informed by da security guard who wuz kind enuff to warn us dat he just heard ova his walkie talkie dat they wuz sendin' coppas ova. We breezed right past da two coppas mere seconds lata as we walked away, an' luckily dey neva knew it wuz us. It wuz a close call.

We watched da game an' had da chill time wiv friends. An' it wuz evun betta dat Nick got to watch it too an' wasn’t instead hauled off in da coppa cruisa.

On Sunday, we spent time wiv our mams, eatin' brunch wiv mine an' eatin' grub wiv Nick's mam just a few hours lata on. We worked off da calories by plantin' flowers at Nick’s parents' yard, an' then I worked off some more calories by slavin' away at da office on da few mental projects. An' then we called it da weekend.


Blogger Lara said...

dood, you's hella lucky da fuzz never gotchu! that shiznit's no joke, homes.


Blogger L Sass said...

Whoa, you are way too tough and hardcore for me! Scary Missourians.

Anonymous alyndabear said...

You two make evading the law seem SO COOL. Are my idols.

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