My five relaxing, work-free days are over. They were lovely, really, and because of that, it made it a little bit easier to come back to work today.

Last Wednesday, Nick and I picked up a rental car and headed to Branson for a tradeshow he was doing for work. I figured I may as well go along, seeing as how we had a free hotel room at our disposal and I was in desperate need of a little getaway.

The tradeshow was in the same hotel we stayed at, so at about noon each day, I finally changed out of my pajamas and met Nick for lunch, then promptly changed back into pajamas for the rest of the afternoon.

One morning, Nick got up and "went to the tradeshow early." Instead of actually going to the tradeshow though, he went to the hotel restaurant to get me breakfast in bed. (More proof of the amount of time I spent in bed – I even ate my breakfast there!)

I felt a little bad to be loafing all day while my poor husband had to be working at the tradeshow. (Just kidding, I didn't feel an ouce of guilt!)

We also did some shopping and went out to amazing dinners, but you'll just have to trust me on that as I didn't get any photographic evidence.

We came home late Friday night, a little bit sad that our nice trip was over. Back to the real world. Tear.


Blogger janet said...

you (and your illustrations) are super cute. I'm so glad you got some r&r!!

Blogger Lara said...

wow, you look so thin in that bed! i hope you got good stuff to eat, because you are stick-skinny! :-P

(yes, i'm a goober. so sue me.)

Anonymous LaLa said...

Man, that is one NICE hotel. It craps all over the one I stayed at for our sales conference.

I have seen those itty-bitty tomato sauce bottles before, in fact... I might have actually "relieved" a bar in London of a couple of them *blush*.

Glad you relaxed and recouperated, as Lara said, you really were wasting away in that bed.

Blogger heidikins said...

Lounge around in bed all day? Mini-ketchup bottles? Sounds like a perfect vacation to me!!

Glad you had some time to relax, hope it happens again soon (crossing my fingers, squinting eyes and focusing really hard)

Anonymous Pink Herring said...

I love your pictures. Hooray for relaxing hotel visits!! Joel and I went to Chicago over Valentines Day, and all we did was sleep and eat. It was too cold to leave the hotel, and we were both fine with that. It was so relaxing!

Blogger L Sass said...

Hee. That trip looks awesome. Especially Nick's coat o' pens!

Blogger Lisa said...

Sweet hotel! How fun. Glad to hear you got a chance to relax. You needed it with all of the crazy projects you've had at work lately! :-)

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