I haven't told you this, but for the last three weeks or so, Nick and I have been considering selling our house and buying a downtown loft. I've mentioned before that we've dreamed about building a modern loft-style home someday. The more we looked into it, the further off it seemed to be financially. Just finding an empty lot to build on is expensive enough, let alone putting all the money into it to make it just right.

One day several weeks ago, we were hanging out at the park, lying on a blanket and talking about our lives. And we were asking ourselves why we are waiting that time out in suburbia when we could be waiting it out downtown in a small loft. There are so many great buildings being restored in the city, and so many great lofts for sale. We'd be much closer to work (the drive out to suburbia is killing us!). And we're always downtown for the things we enjoy doing anyway.

On the way home from the park that day, we saw a building with a huge "lofts for sale" sign on it. We walked inside and toured the two model spaces and fell in love. Majorly, heart-crushingly in love.

Since that day, we've been scouring the Internet for spaces to check out. We've toured so many different lofts that we can hardly keep them all straight. There are several that we like, and several that we definitely don't. Some that we are really leaning towards won't be ready for about a year, so we might have a bit of a wait ahead of us.

We were supposed to have an appointment at a building a couple of nights ago. Nick set it up with their staff and got an email back from a woman confirming she'd be there at a certain time. I asked him about it the night before as we were lying in bed, almost asleep. He said, yes, she'd be there, and she'd be wearing something around her neck so we would know who she was.

A: Something around her neck? Like a necklace? A scarf?

N: No, that wasn't it. (silence as Mr. Vocabulary tries to remember the right word)

N: I think it was a negligee maybe?

A: (uncontrollable laughter followed by an explanation of what a negligee is)

N: Maybe she said a leotard?

A: (more laughter, a few tears) A bolo tie? A broach? A handkerchief?

N: No, that wasn't it. Was it a tapestry?

At this point, we can hardly breathe because we are both laughing so hard. The funniest part is that Nick was totally serious as he's throwing out these words. We both got so frustrated that we couldn't think of the right word that Nick got up out of bed, went downstairs to get his computer, and looked up the email the lady sent him.

N: Oh, a lanyard.

We decided against that building, not because their crazy staff runs around in negligees and tapestries, but because it just didn't have quite what we were looking for. Onto the next one though, and hey, at least there's never a dull moment in the loft search.


Blogger Lara said...

and hey, maybe the next one will be wearing a negligee. ;)

Blogger janet said...

some of my favorite lovey moments in life are just laying in bed giggling over the silliest things...

the loft idea sounds great! I say go for it

Anonymous LaLa said...


Such a strange word.

I am so excited for you, I really don't regret buying in the city, especially after traipsing around outer-Sydney on client meetings.

Surburbia makes me itch.

Blogger Carrisa said...

Oh I love the idea of living in a loft. Good luck on the search.

And if you see a realtor with a leotard on, take it as a sign and go for it!

Blogger heidikins said...

Ooooh! I love downtown lofts! In recent years SLC has had an influx of them, and I covet them so so so very much.


Blogger Isabel said...

Oh you know my love for all things modern. (You know, hence our modern home!) We've always dreamed of a loft in downtown also. But are settling for the one bedroom in downtown that we have. Maybe one day we can afford the loft of our dreams.

Until then...please keep us posted on your hunt.

Blogger L Sass said...

Hee. Once I was in bed with AS, searching for the word "pontificate." I finally had to get up and look it up, too!

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