Slang Monday
Today I am thrust back into the working world after a wonderful and relaxing weekend. Since I have nothing very exciting or insightful to report, I thought I'd recap the weekend through slang, just to spice things up a bit. I personally use fairly decent grammar when I speak or write, so I had to turn to the Ali G translator for assistance. FYI, in case you have been living under a rock (Mom and Dad) and don't know this, Da Ali G Show is where Sacha Baron Cohen's Borat character originated. And if you have no clue who Borat is, then perhaps you should just safely log off the internet and go back to crocheting doilies. (Just kidding. I'm glad you're here, whether you know who Borat is or not. We can get you up to speed with the rest of society later!)

Without further ado, here goes:

I spent much of da weekend wiv me sugar daddy an' assorted posse members. I had da pleasure of visitin me posse on Saturday while Nick stayed on our turf an' worked on a term papah an' read a book for one of iz classes. Even though I live just about an hour away from me parents, I don't get to really check dem all dat often, so it was sweet to visit wiv dem an' catch up on all sorts of routine news.

I also went ova to me bruva an' sistah-in-law's yard to babysit me adorable little niece while they wuz away for da evenin. It's been about a month since da last bells I seen her, an' she has changed so much in dat short amount of bells. I had a talk wiv her about how she needs to slow down so dat I don't miss so much. We played, we walked, we talked, we read, an' she studied me face an' threads an' hair an' spectacles like she had neva seen such things before. She wuz a very good and happy baby all night, an' I couldn't help but stare her down as she snoozed in me arms in her cozy little footie jamz.

On Sunday, we celebrated Thanksgivin wiv Nick's massive posse. We ate, socialized an' watched football, all to excess. I think I iz still full an entire day lata. Nick an' I filled in da gaps of da weekend wiv runnin errands, layin around on da couch an' bein all-around lazy. The bruva iz such good company to have.


Blogger Nick said...

I think we need to all start out a Monday like that. I decided to walk around the office Tuesday using all the slang I could. Some people didn't get it but some of my peeps did appreciated it.

Nick Out: for real playa's
(If you use an A at the end of player, you are just that much cooler).

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