Am I interesting?
I've been tagged for a meme where I have to write ten interesting or strange things about myself or habits that I have. I've thought about this for quite a while, trying to come up with enough interesting things that won't put you to sleep. No guarantees on that, but here goes.

  1. I'll warm up with the obvious ones. Of course there are the thumbs.

  2. And the intense and burning love for all things robot.

  3. Then there are the certain foods that I hate, like tomatoes, yet I love tomato soup and ketchup. I hate applesauce but like apples. I hate anything grape flavored, yet I'll eat fresh grapes.

  4. I won't eat anything purple (except for grapes) and hardly anything blue. I think this probably stems from my hatred of grape-flavored stuff. I just assume that if it's purple or blue, it will taste like grape flavoring. Even when I KNOW that a particular purple item has no grape flavoring and is just a color, I still have issues with it. Needless to say, I can't eat Skittles in a dark movie theater.

  5. Whenever I am home alone, I revert to cooking ramen noodles for myself or making a bowl of cereal. I never make a real meal, or even a sandwich. I'm pathetic in the kitchen.

  6. I was a bit of an overachiever in my younger years. (Okay, maybe I'm still a little bit like that.) I remember the time I missed my first spelling word when I was in the second grade, and my mom, a teacher at my school, kept me in from recess to break the news gently to me so that I wouldn't be crushed when I got my test score back. I remember it being rather traumatic, but luckily, it didn't ruin my life.

  7. There are times when I really hate driving. For the most part, I think I do okay, but sometimes I'll go the long way or a weird way just to avoid an unpleasant merge. I especially like to be in the "lane of power," where other cars need to merge into my lane to get where they need to go, not the other way around.

  8. I don't ever listen to the radio, even in the car. I exclusively use my iPod and almost never know about new songs when people talk about them. I sometimes just go along with them and pretend I know what they are talking about so that they don't resort to singing me the lyrics in vain. (I don't live entirely under a rock though, because I do find new music through the iTunes sharing feature on our network at the office.)

  9. I'm a little bit scared of alcohol. I've never in my life been drunk or tipsy, and I never want to try it. Ever. It's not that I'm totally against drinking because I do have alcoholic beverages from time to time, but never more than one or two because like I just said, I'm scared of being drunk.

  10. Speaking of alcohol, when it was time for the champagne toast at our wedding, I poured cream soda into my toasting flute and hoped no one would notice.

Whew, all done. Sorry that these aren't more exciting or interesting, but I'm pretty sure it's the best I can do without flat-out lying. Next time I'll be able to tell stories about peeing cross-dressers and spitting on snakes and my list will be much more awesome.


Blogger Aimee said...

I haven't had cream soda in forever. Must buy some now. :)

I'm a little confused by all the anti-grape-ness, since I would drink dimetapp (grape flavored!) as koolaid if it wouldn't kill me. :D

Blogger Jennifer said...

Dude I can totally relate to # 6 and 9... when I was in 3rd grade I came home crying when I missed my first spelling word! My mom thought that some mean girls were picking on me on the bus or something, but no- it was just me being a huge nerd. And also, I'm not a fan of being drunk. I was close once... but I think it was more because I was sunburned and my brain was already fried than that I was actually drunk. I'm too afraid of letting go, I think (see #6, heh... ANAL RETENTIVE MUCH? hehe)

Blogger heidikins said...

I totally can't eat anything grape flavored, or purple or blue. There is just something unnatural about blue food. Gives me the creeps.

Blogger Carrisa said...

I also hate tomatoes with a passion but will eat ketchup and tomato based sauces and salsa. Of course I prefer it more in a less chunky hot sauce variety.
I'm not really a fan of applesauce either, but love apples.

But the grape thing is where we differ. I could drink grape flavored Propel all day long. And sometimes I do.

Anonymous LaLa said...

I don't like Skittles full stop. I think fake fruit flavours are digusting.

Perhaps if we ever go to the movies we can share a large popcorn?

Blogger Trish Ryan said...

I'm like that with most orange food. Anything called "Squash" should be cleaned up, not eaten.

Blogger Lara said...

ha! number 10 cracks me up. i say, if you want cream soda for your toast, do it and do it proudly. :) maybe i'll have chocolate milk or something, just to keep everyone on their toes. :-P

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