Another Slang Monday
Sometimes when my weekends are more boring and uninteresting than usual, I like to spice up my Monday recap by reporting it in slang, like this one. You see, I don't want you guys to think that I am uncool or anything. That would be the worst.

So once again, I'm turning to my trusty Ali G translator. Here goes:

On Friday afta wurk, Nick an' I had a sista ova for a movie an' Chinese takeout. Da grub wuz heavy. Da movie sucked. At least we have TiVo, coz we wuz then able to watch Cops an' True Life: I iz a Sumo Wrestla to make up for it.

We spent Saturday doin hella tight things like goin' to Starbucks for breakfast an' to read da papa (don't sweat it, we had da gift card!), doin some grocery shoppin, bakin da chocolate puddin cake, hangin out on da couch, an' nappin. I even found time to wurk on da few freelance projects. We made da wicked grub for dinner while Nick drank some bangin wine.

Sunday brought evun more excitement. Me sugar daddy studied for his accountin class while I finished me freelance projects. We cleaned our turf, did da laundry, an' Nick got a skalpal thinnin'
[hair cut]. Since we wuz so busy an' stressed all weekend, we carved out some time in our evenin to hang out in da hot tub an' chill. For grub, we ate some ice cream for our first course an' followed dat up wiv some macaroni an' cheez. Don't be judgin' us.

What did you guys do this weekend?


Blogger Nick said...

What a weekend, fo' reals.

Blogger Isabel said...

Love it.

Next Monday you should use you Bruno translator.

Funkyzeit mit Bruno!

Anonymous janet said...

omg I love this! might even have to steal *ahem* borrow it

Blogger Angela said...

Borrow away!

Anonymous Nicole said...

OMG... I think that I've been living under a rock maybe because I've never heard of the Ali G translator! I thought the snoop dog fo shizzle translator was cool back in the day! LOVE it!

Anonymous alyndabear said...

Giggling at the Scalpal Thinnin' - he sounds mighty brave to have gone through that one! ;)

Reading the "papa" makes you's wicked smartz. Word.

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