What a $1 shirt will get you
Have you been wondering how we used our shirt dollar? I really hope you haven't been coming back to the blog by the minute, constantly hitting refresh in hopes that I've posted about what we did with it, because if so, this is going to be a huge letdown. And also you need a hobby.

Last night, Kansas City got hit by a snowstorm. Surprise, surprise. I had the car at my office, and the plan was for me to pick Nick up from his office on our way home from work. That's pretty much the plan each and every day since we are a one-car family now.

However, keep in mind that I'm a giant sissy-pants when it comes to driving in bad weather. There's a hill right outside my building that is rather treacherous in the snow and ice, and at work we sometimes like to stand at the windows on that side of the building to watch the drivers slide around and cause overall mayhem. I mean, you HAVE seen this, right? That's exactly what I always imagine happening to me.

Needless to say, I was stressed out and definitely NOT looking forward to driving to Nick's office in the bad weather, especially in rush hour. Normally, if we anticipate bad weather, Nick will drop me off in the morning and pick me up after work so that I don't cause myself a heart attack. But the storm yesterday caught us by surprise.

Instead of me writing out my will and taking a few Vicodins before hitting the slopes, one of Nick's fearless co-workers was nice and brave enough to bring him to my office on his way home from work (he lives only like two blocks away). That way Nick could drive my stressed-out butt home and spare me some heart palpitations. Nick said the roads were so bad and the traffic was so slow that we should probably wait at my office for a while before heading home. At least the worst part of rush hour would be over by then, right?

And wait we did. We were completely starving and had no food to tide us over during our wait. I contemplated eating my tube of Burt's Bees beeswax lip balm, but Nick talked me down from that. I also thought about scoping out which co-worker's desks had candy jars on them and going on a stealthy little scavenger hunt. Nick eyed a pan of yellow cake with chocolate frosting that has been sitting in the galley for about a week, uncovered, but I certainly wouldn't have him eating any of that. We were totally desperate. That's when we remembered our shirt dollar that was tucked away in Nick's wallet, all folded nicely and waiting to be spent in a very creative way.

I hated to use it in the vending machines. We didn't spend one whole half-hour folding that thing to just throw it away unnoticed by anyone in a dumb old vending machine. But remember, we were desperate. Our options at that point were a tube of lip balm, week-old uncovered cake or stealing candy and gum out of random candy dishes around the office. So into the vending machine it went. (Don't worry, we unfolded it first.)

Now if you will recall, the king-sized PayDays in slot D1 of the office vending machines were recently marked $1 but were, in all actuality, only 50 cents. We crossed our fingers and took a shot on slot D1, and we weren't let down. A 50 cent king-sized PayDay came out. We put the remaining 50 cents back in and tried the king-sized Reese's peanut butter cups in slot D2, which were also marked $1. It was certainly our lucky night, because king-sized Reese's were also only 50 cents. Who would have thought? We each had dinner for $1. Awesome.

Then we spent the remainder of our wait in my office side-by-side watching stuff on YouTube. And when I say side-by-side, I really mean pretty much on top of each other. I had one earbud of my headphones in my ear, and Nick had the other earbud in his ear. Our heads were about two inches from each other. It was sickeningly adorable, and I'm so glad no one walked by to see us.

And in case you were worried, we made it home all in one piece on slightly satisfied stomachs and didn't even run off the side of the road or hit anyone.

So that was the very long and detailed story of how we spent our shirt dollar. That thing saved our lives. I think we're going to have to fold another one though, because I feel like I was gypped out on the experience of spending it in a properly creative way.


Blogger Dawnie said...

You most definitely need another shirt dollar. I'm glad it was there for you in your time of need, but you need to have the full shirt dollar experience, though.

Anonymous alyndabear said...

I am sorry to hear about the demise of the shirt dollar - but very glad that you're alive and well because of it!! :)

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