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So yesterday, I posted about how unusual it was that we went out so much this weekend. And yes, "out" as in, we left our house. We entered the outside environment away from our home. We spent three evenings in a row in clothes other than pajamas.

I just want to make that very clear because it's a pretty big deal.

On Friday, the night we went out with Nick's coworkers, we started at a bar at the cheesiest venue in all of Kansas City. Oh yes, it seemed like someone or something just barfed up purple, aqua and pink all over that place. I'm well aware that casinos are not known for their design aesthetic, but this one is truly a treat.

Nick and I had planned to just start at the first place and not make a long night of it by going with everyone to the second place afterwards. Baby steps, you know? Also, we both had to wake up early the next morning because I had to get prepared for my freelance presentation and Nick had to study the day away for his big accounting test, since he is a huge procrastinator and pretty much waits until the day the test is due to start studying.

When it was time to leave the first place to head to the second, we were already having visions of warm pajamas and our comfy bed. But one of Nick's friends wasn't quite sure about driving his car from venue #1 to venue #2, so he offered to pay Nick $10 to drive it for him. (Surprise, Nick and I both happen to be pretty heavy water drinkers.) I followed them to the second place, we made our ten bucks, and we were on our way.

The next morning when we woke up, we of course took our payout to our favorite place on earth. When we were back in the car, we used our drinks to toast the friend who paid us to drive him. And then we thought our friends should pay us to go out with them more often. For an extra $5, we'll even drive.


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