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I spent a while earlier today at work making a detailed mockup for an invitation project that I've been slaving over lately. I was chatting while I worked, slightly distracted, when I went to grab a piece of double-sided tape. And somehow cut my finger on the tape dispenser. I really don't know how this happens, but apparently it can.

It didn't really hurt and I didn't think much of it, so I continued with my mockup. And then when I was all finished and admiring my handiwork, I noticed that in two different locations I bled on my mockup. And I'm guessing this is probably not the professional image that I want to portray to the clients when they come in for our presentation. "Oh, that red mark? Yeah, that's just part of the design. I think it gives the layout a little more balance, not to mention serves as a way to introduce an extra color into the palette that is very unexpected."

So awesome. I get to make another mockup.

I printed everything out again and went back to the studio to start over. And this is where my bad luck took a really great U-turn. The galley, which houses our vending machines, is right next to the studio where I was working so diligently. One of my co-workers was trying to buy a Diet Dr. Pepper, and got a (gasp!) regular Dr. Pepper instead. She thought it was just a fluke and tried again, getting yet another regular Dr. Pepper. She came to the studio to try to pawn them off on someone, and me being the severe caffeine addict that I am, quite willingly volunteered to take them off her hands. And then I drank every last drop.

Pretty awesome story, you say? Oh, it gets better.

Later on, I'm dying of starvation so I find every last coin I can muster up out of coat pockets, my purse, my desk and my Buddha bank. I remember that there was a stray nickel in the very far corner of the ladies' restroom, but I do have my limits.

I arrive at exactly 50 cents, sans bathroom nickel, which won't get me far with our vending machines. But I hopefully take my little pocket of change over to the snack machine, and remember that a while ago the PayDays were marked $1 when they were really 50 cents. I figured I could try to trick the machine again, so I put my money in and selected a king-sized PayDay. And what do you know? Yeah, that's right, a king-sized PayDay spiraled out for the low, low price of 50 cents. You can't even get a regular-sized candy bar in the vending machine for 50 cents. And since there are nuts, it's practically a health food.

I feel on top of the world. Who cares if our car was just involved in a drive-by? I have free pop AND a snack, sized for a king, all for 50 cents.


Anonymous Carrisa said...

The half priced payday makes the bleeding all worth it.

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