So, looking back through the archives, you may have noticed that I dislike it when people use unnecessary apostrophes. And I don't dislike it just a little bit. It's probably one of my biggest pet peeves. Unnecessary apostrophes are right up there on the list with wearing brown shoes and a black outfit. Or picking boogers and eating them. You know it's bad, see?

This blog is certainly going to be a new favorite. Reading through it has an overall calming effect on me. It's nice to see these giant blatant faux pax being pointed out to the rest of the world, one misplaced apostrophe at a time. Ahhhhhhhh.

Go. Read up. Learn. And don't let me find you the victim of the unnecessary apostrophe ever again.

Thanks to Coudal for the heads up.


Blogger Candace said...

I am TOTALLY addicted to this site LOL hilarious!! I HATE that. My BIGGEST annoyance is the use of they're, their and there. NO ONE can seem to get it right!!!

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