Geriatrics gone wild.
Usually on the weekends, Nick and I do pretty much nothing. We hang around home, we watch our beloved TV, and we clean, do laundry and nap. This weekend was far different though. Have we turned over a new leaf? Have we become a little less geriatric? I don’t know about that, but I can tell you that this weekend alone we participated in the following:

  1. Went out, as in “no longer remained in our home,” with Nick’s coworkers. (Don't worry, I cut myself off after one water.)

  2. Had a freelance meeting in a neighboring city (me) and stayed home to study for, and take, an accounting test (Nick, a.k.a. The Boring One).

  3. Visited my family in said neighboring city.

  4. Played patty-cake with my cute little niece, who now can clap her own hands, therefore making patty-cake much more exciting.

  5. Went to a birthday party for one of my coworkers in some swanky lofts. (Feeling much more brazen than the night before, I cut myself off after one water and one sangria. I'm telling you, I am KRA-ZEE.)

  6. Helped a friend move.

  7. Spent some quality time in the hot tub, nursing slightly sore moving and baby-lifting muscles.

  8. Went to a Super Bowl party.

Don't get too used to this new, outlandish lifestyle because unfortunately, I don't think we can keep up. We'll have to take next weekend off to rest our elderly 24- and 25-year-old selves.


Blogger Lisa said...

Holy cow. You guys were very busy.

Anonymous Colleen said...

Busy Bees! Seems like a good one though!

Blogger janet said...

yes I feel equally old and boring. My 21-yr old self would be so ashamed!

Anonymous alyndabear said...

Dude. You old folks are exhausting me!

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