Why Valentine's Day is awesome

Lately, Nick and I have been watching our new favorite show pretty often. I love the show, but watching it makes me crave cake more than anything else in the world. Figuring out how to get cake is constantly on my mind.

Do I know anyone having a birthday soon? No. Do I personally know how to bake? No. Can I get away with driving to the bakery and "accidentally" ending up with my very own cake? Probably not.

I visit this site every once in a while to drool at the cupcake selection. People, there is a CHAI LATTE cupcake. This is a very serious matter we are dealing with here. And hey, they are even opening a Sprinkles up in Kansas City soon. But "soon" is not soon enough for me.

My 19-year-old brother-in-law recently asked what he should do for his girlfriend for Valentine's Day. I told him she needs cupcakes, and he thought I was joking. But I was as serious as serious could be.

Anyway, as we are leaving the house this morning, we check our mailbox and find a thank you note and a gift card to Starbucks from a friend who we recently helped move. We merrily take our gift card to Starbucks because it IS Valentine's Day, and I think we deserve to get a little love from our favorite place. And not only do we get a little love in the form of highly-caffeinated beverages, but there are special Valentine's Day cupcakes in the pastry case for today only. The skies opened and sunbeams shone down upon me.

This is what I had for breakfast. And it was awesome. I love Valentine's Day.

ADDENDUM: I didn't really need another reason to love Valentine's Day, but I just got one. Our office passed out these this morning to everyone. Yep, that's a heart-shaped Krispy Kreme with sprinkles. I hope you don't need me, because I'll most likely be in a sugar-induced stupor for the remainder of the day.


Blogger Rude Cactus said...

Love Ace of Cakes! Happy Valentine's Day!!

Anonymous carrisa said...

Dude, I love to bake and I even have a food blog... perhaps you should email me your address and I will try to bake you some chai latte cupcakes. And if I fail at those... other kinds of cupcakes instead!

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