Guest Post #7: Addictions
Addictions. How can one overcome the overwhelming sense of satisfaction when indulging in something so amazing? I’m not Nostradamus or plan on becoming him anytime soon, so I figured instead of solving the world’s problems, I would enlighten you all to another "addiction" that I have besides the old standby of shoes and t-shirts. And Starbucks of course.

Pens have been something that I have been completely addicted to since middle school. At that age, some kids find out what they want to do in life while others have life-changing experiences. And me, I found pens.

It was intriguing to me that something as simple as writing could be changed by fine points and ultra fine points. How does one decide what to do? I thought why not get them all, in every shape, color, size, point and price. I do not discriminate and will not start on something like this.

I have also found, like in shoes and shirts, that there is a pen for every occasion. I have a pen for note-taking, a pen for signatures, a pen for list-making and even a pen for when I want to write on inanimate objects. The next awesome pen on my list of achievements is this one. As you can see, the possibilities are endless.


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Hmmm... is today Saturday? Or are you just two days late with your guest post? Slacker!

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