Ugliest sugar cookies ever
Right before Christmas, I decided that I needed to make some sugar cookies, even though I've never made them or decorated them before. And neither had Nick. We were both sugar cookie virgins.

It was so much fun, although I have to warn you that these are about the most appalling cookies I've ever seen in my life. Just downright ugly. And yes, I'm aware that I'm supposedly a professional designer and should be good at this artsy stuff. Something surely got lost in the transition from arteest to baking extraordinaire though.

We thought we'd have a little fun with it and stage a contest on flickr. Help us out and go vote for the ugliest cookie.


Anonymous Kristen said...

I thought they were ALL BEAUTIFUL! (Besides, I'm not even looking at them when I shove them in my face.)

Blogger Angela said...

It's okay Kristen, you don't have to lie! You won't hurt the cookies' feelings.

They were pretty tasty though. And we totally shoved them in our faces.

Blogger Isabel said...

They weren't that bad...really.

And I totally voted.

I'm nice like that.

(and I can't believe that you guys had never done this before. When I was a kid, we always decorated cookies. And wait, doesn't you brother come from a family of 12 kids? I would think all they did would be make cookies and have fun all the time!)

Anonymous Colleen said...

I think they all came out great! My husband and I also attempted to make sugar cookies but by the time we finished baking neither one of us felt like decorating! Maybe next year...

(FYI - I just recently came across your blog so I guess I'm technically delurking here!)

Blogger Angela said...

Colleen -- naked sugar cookies?! How shocking!

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