Were you aware that I am famous?
Nick has his own little claim to fame. It's been tough having to live in the shadow of his extremely bright limelight. I mean seriously, how many autographs does one person have to give during a nice dinner out at a restaurant? It gets old, I'll tell you that much.

Well Nick is going to have to make room for yours truly after this made its big debut.

Yeah, that's right -- I'm pleased to say that's MY footwear featured. Guess I'm going to have to kiss my quaint little suburban life goodbye and get used to the constant presence of the paparazzi. It's really just a small price to pay to wear comfortable and stylish shoes in public.


Blogger Nick said...

I can not believe that this is happening. Now we are going to have twice the paparazzi banging down our door (0x2 is still 0, right?) We will just have to deal with all the fame and fortune that comes along with fly new kicks.
I find it sort of funny (in an odd way) that we are getting recognized mostly for our feet.

Anonymous alyndabear said...

Hiya Angela,

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Good timing too - your famous shoes are very, very impressive! Makes my spiffy new "joggers" pale in comparison. ;)

Nice to stalk/meet you!

Anonymous Carrisa said...

I found your blog today, through the comment you left on mine. I have to say that your blog is the cutest blog I've ever seen. I'd steal it if I could.

Anonymous Colleen said...

Good thing those shoes are comfortable, it will help when trying to run from the paparazzi after a long day!

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