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Christmas this year was great. We had so much fun. What did you guys do?

I woke Nick up really early Christmas morning because that's just how I roll. I get excited, just like a little kid, and I can't sleep. So at about 5:00 or so, I sort of tried to wake him up without blatantly trying to wake him up. You know, sighing heavily, "accidentally" grazing his arm with mine, tossing and turning a bit, getting out of bed to go to the bathroom. I tried all of the tricks and finally at 5:30, he surrendered and asked me if I wanted to get up and open presents. I thought he'd never ask.

Remember my 7-foot present? I'd been so anxious to know what was in it. It was a pretty good sign when I saw this because I knew it would be this. I asked for this particular magazine rack for Christmas, but it's only like 5 feet tall so I was thrown off a bit when the box turned out to be really huge. Also, Nick outright lied to me and told me that he got me something that I didn't ask for so that I'd be really surprised. We have no trust in our marriage now after Nick's brazen dishonesty. I hope he's happy now.

Some other highlights of our Christmas morning gift-opening spectacular were opening up these, this and this and these two great movies.

After our own little Christmas morning with just the two of us, we packed up and headed over to Nick's parents' house to open up all the presents Santa left for us there. This is just a portion of the craziness. It was IN-SANE.

We rushed off to my parents' house after that for yet another Christmas celebration. The company was great, the food was great, and Nick and I scored two brand-spankin' new vacuums that we're pretty excited about. Yes, we each asked for a vacuum and I wish I was just kidding. Nick wanted a shop-vac for manly garage cleanups, and our regular old vacuum was really pathetic so I was desperately wanting a new one. Don't we sound so mature? Oh yeah, and we got a digital photo frame from my brother and sister-in-law that we are excited to set up. (Thanks guys!)

After presents and lunch and a movie, it was back on the road heading to Nick's parents' house once again for Round 2 of presents. Seriously, the two of us CLEANED. UP. (And I don't mean with our new vacuums.) We got TiVo for a year, which is super-exciting. I now feel like an entirely new woman. I got some new clothes and posters, Nick got some shoes, and we got so many other things that I really can't even list them all here or you will get really bored. Or jealous.

But seriously, we are very grateful for how loveable and awesome we must be to score all of this great loot. And yeah, I KNOW that getting presents is not what Christmas is all about, so I don't even need a lecture. We went to church TWICE in two days, okay? And we spent tons of time with both of our amazing families. And we ate to excess, which we all know is the real reason for the season.

And I almost forgot... Christmas gave me another item to add to the list. You might go to Starbucks too often when for Christmas, you get four Starbucks gift cards from four different people. Not including the two that the Starbucks manager already gave you. Thanks for enabling our caffeine dependencies.

So anyway, that's the holiday run-down. Now it's time to relax, vacuum and TiVo to my heart's content.


Anonymous Kristen said...

Loved "Little Miss Sunshine"--embarrassingly, felt a little too familiar, BUT I loved it.

Happy New Year!

Blogger Angela said...

I hear 'ya, Kristen. I wasn't exactly a cool kid myself. Not that I'm a very cool adult either...

Happy New Year to you too! Thanks for stopping by!

Blogger Isabel said...

Is it bad of me to admit that I got the Post Secret book from the library so that I didn't have to actually spend the money on one? I mean, once you've read it the one time, you don't really need to read it again.

Oh and TiVo? Welcome to the dark side. It's gonna change your life. (Oh, you think I'm kidding!)

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