Oh, Justin
Here's an embarrassing little confession. I used to have a mild crush on Justin Guarini from the first American Idol season. I totally wanted him to win. I'm pretty sure I actually VOTED as well. Maybe even more than once. It might have been the hair and it might have been the voice, but the details really aren't important anymore.

Since his big loss that first season, I haven't watched a single American Idol episode and I've pretty much never given him or the show a second thought. It all just fell off the face of my world. (So don't even think about teasing me!)

If you would have asked me yesterday if I still thought he was cute, I would have said of course. But if you ask me today, there's a good chance I would just cringe. Whatever little fibers that were left of my Justin crush were annihilated when I saw this. You definitely must scroll down.


Blogger Isabel said...

Holy crap...who would have thought that was Justin? Very odd. And it made me miss his curls!

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