Out of the kindness of my heart (and because I truly don't mind), I offered to help a friend who I work with (she's getting married TODAY!) trim her wedding programs. She did all the hard stuff, like designing them and printing them and assembling them and tying them with cute little bows. I even helped her about a week ago to use the chomper machine at work to cut through all the pages in one simple fell swoop. The only problem was that once assembled, there were little black trim lines on each side that we needed to contend with.

Anyway, that's all boring and unimportant. I got the somewhat-finished goods from her earlier this week and brought them home to trim to my little heart's content. I was so excited to break in my new-ish art table that my fabulously talented uncle made for us for our wedding gift. I've had it for like a year, give or take, and I've used it a bit here and there for small-scale stuff. But yesterday, YESTERDAY, our little table finally became a man.

(Still boring and unimportant, sorry.)

Nick and I carried the table from our office to our downstairs entertainment room so that I could watch stuff while Exacto-ing. I had my chai tea, my plate of sugar cookies (don't forget to vote!) and TiVo. What more could a person possibly want? (Besides carpal tunnel in one's left hand, of course, but that's just a given. (And actually that only came about after I was close to finished and I just worked through my pain. (I'm so tough (can a person who uses this many brackets and parentheses really be that tough?).)))

We drove the programs out to the church where my friend and her assorted family members were decorating. On the way home, Nick and I had a not-so-brief discussion about my supreme Exacto-ing skills.

I thought about getting some new business cards made. Which should I go with?

  1. Angela, Exactonator Extraordinaire

  2. Angela, Her Royal Exactness

  3. Angela, Doctor of Exactonology

  4. Angela, Exactolation Support Specialist

  5. Angela, Chief Exactination Officer

  6. Angela, Exactistic Administrator

  7. Angela, Ambassador to Exactlador

  8. Angela, Captain Exacto

  9. Angela, The Master Exacter

  10. Angela, Exactrology Authority


Blogger kojak said...

hha interesting

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like the ring of no. 9 and the supreme authority of no. 2. Tough call...either way, I bow to your skills.

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