My name is
 We tend to name inanimate objects quite frequently. For example, our current car's name is Kenneth, or Kenny on the weekends when he's off the clock. Our two old cars, which kind of resembled old lady cars, were named Mabel and Delores. Both had/have their own sets of problems. Mabel was hit with a flying bolt one day on the road, so now she has cataracts that we're not willing to replace. Delores had every problem possible -- replaced hips, a weak bladder and a bad heart, to name a few. Her medical records and bills go on and on and on, but I won't bore you with those. Let's just say it was definitely time for her to retire.

Sometimes we even go so far as to name the other vehicles on the road that we come across. Semi trucks get names like Cletus and Bruiser. Sporty cars have names like Esteban or Fernando. We are totally fun to hang out with, as you can see.

We also have this tractor sprinkler thing for our yard. The brand name is Nelson and it's printed on top of it, so we thought it sounded like a great name for him. Since we decided that, I don't think we've ever referred to it as a sprinkler. He's always Nelson.

I've been trying to think of other inanimate objects that we've named in the past and I'm not coming up with much, although I'm quite certain we've named other stuff. It's just the way we are.

By the way, this kind of reminds me of these stickers that I came across a while ago. I think I need them.

Anyway, are there any objects in your lives that you have named? I want to know. Does your car have a personified alter ego? If it doesn't, you really ought to get with the program. If you need assistance, feel free to leave your car's description in the comments and I'll get back to you with an identity, because really, no one should have to be driving around in a nameless car. It just isn't right.


Anonymous hubs said...

do body parts count?

Blogger Ginger said...

My car has a name, Victor. But my kayak is up for christening and is as of yet nameless. I'll attach a picture of a factory model (I don't have an actual picture of mine yet, believe it or not). Give it your best shot.

Blogger Ginger said...


Blogger Angela said...

Ginger, I did a brief analyzation, and in my expert opinion I think it looks like a Pierre. He seems to me like an exotic explorer.

Anonymous Isabel said...

This is lame...but we call my husbands messenger bag Jon Bag Jovi. Or just "Jon Bag" for short. And his iPod is called Silly P. Who knows why. It just is.

Oh, but he told me I can't call it "Jon Bag" in front of anyone else.

(I love those stickers. And I love that you named your car after my husband.)

Blogger Angela said...

Isabel, I love that you call his bag Jon Bag Jovi! That's hilarious! I also had no idea your husband's name is Kenneth. Now our car and your husband have something in common.

Blogger alana said...

I call my car 'Baby Car'. That's not really a proper name, but its the only thing that seems appropriate, for she is my baby. She's getting old though (like, 12 years), and has died one too many times, so I'm thinking her days are numbered. This is very hard for me to accept. Sniff. I love you Baby Carrrrr!

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