Lofty goals
A lot of people who know Nick and me probably know that it is our dream to someday own a modern, loft-style home. We've had our sights set on it for quite some time, and we think we have a builder picked out and vaguely know what we want. This particular builder's mission is to make modern style available to everyone, not just the super-rich (which surprise, we are not). We've seen some of his past homes, and everything seems like a perfect fit. We're definitely not ready to buy another home and move anytime soon, but it's nice to know in a few years that we probably could.

Everyday on my way to and from work, I drive by these three new homes that were recently built right next to each other. From the exterior they seem clean and simple, but not overly modern. I never really thought a whole lot about them until one day signs for an open house the following week showed up, and I noticed the builder's logo on them. From the outside, they didn't really seem like this particular builder's style or aesthetic, but we were so curious that we went to the open house last week, pretending we wanted to buy one so that we could nose around and see them from the inside.

The inside definitely is what we are looking for. It was almost everything we imagined our future dream home would look like. It had the correct number of bedrooms and bathrooms that we would need and the floor plan was pretty nice.

The price tag, though, gave us a little bit of sticker shock. The last house that this builder had done was much closer to our price range. It was a bit smaller than we would want, so we knew it would be more expensive to meet our needs. But we didn't realize it would be THAT expensive. I mean, between the two of us, there are only two kidneys we can sell, so what do we do about the rest?

And you are probably thinking that two young single people don't really NEED that much space. And we don't at the moment, as long as there are two TVs (with room for our dear, dear TiVo), a couch, a kitchen (although we could probably do without), a bed and a bathroom.

But we're trying to be responsible and think about the future, because there might be a day (a long, LONG time away) where we would want kids. And unless they want to sleep in the bathtub or on the couch, then I suppose we need some more space. And I definitely don't want to build a dream house and get all attached to it, just to move in a few years.

Anyway, we left feeling excited and disappointed at the same time. On the one hand, it was so fun to walk around a house that seems like your dream house. We visualized how we would design the interior to make it our own, and my head was buzzing with ideas on furniture and layout and color. But on the other hand, the realization that your dreams may be further out of your reach than you had previously thought, is so disappointing.

In the meantime, we are going to wait for the builder to call us back and hopefully put some of our fears to rest. Hopefully we can save on square footage with a different floor plan that still has the correct number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Or maybe it was just an overly-expensive neighborhood. Or maybe he'll like us so much that he'll want to just donate a house to us. I mean, I'll blog about it and maybe drum up business, right? Or something?

Also, and this is drastic, we put ourselves back on a budget and cut out our daily Starbucks runs. (Now they are just weekendly Starbucks runs, but hey, it's a start.) Maybe with better savings, we can still somehow make this happen before we are 90 years old.


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