These polls are on fire!
Nick and I made some ugly sugar cookies. And we staged a little contest. And one person voted. (Thanks, Isabel!)

Actually, two people voted -- there was another vote submitted through a top-secret ballot system, either to not publicly show support a particular candidate over the others, or because she didn't have a flickr account. Whichever.

Anyway, it was a unanimous decision on the part of our electorate. I would now like to present the title of "Ugliest Sugar Cookie to Grace the Premises of My Kitchen" to... (drum roll, please)... this scary beast.

And on behalf of Metrosexual Man, I should point out that it is not a purse. It is a male satchel.


Blogger Carrisa said...

Ok I'm totally adding you to my blogroll now because I can't get over how fabulous your blog looks and how awesome your posts are. So yay!

Blogger Angela said...

Carrisa, you are too kind. And thanks!

Blogger Dawnie said...

Methinks Isabel stuffed the ballot box.

Blogger Nick said...

I would have voted for the pink one as well (it was mine). I also think I lost consciousness while making that cookie. What made me think that would look good? Any help Ang?

Anonymous Colleen said...

Good choice! Although, I would have voted (and I'm unsure why I didn't vote) for the one with the purse :)

Blogger Isabel said...

You are killing me with your photoshop skillzzzz. KILLING ME. (I have ALL CAP skillZZZZ, but that isn't as COOL!)

And it's a man-bag, baby. A pink one, none the less.

Blogger Jess Riley said...

That photo montage rocks. So is the winner already eaten? :)

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