Very much alive and kicking
I've been making myself rather sparse lately, haven't I? I think this is my record for longest time in between posts. I've meant well, really, but I just feel like I've been pulled into a million different directions lately. Even last night I planned to write some sort of brilliant post, only to find out that we'd be meeting with our new fancy-pants business lawyer right after work (don't we sound so official now?). And then after that, well, we were hungry so we went out to dinner. And after all that I had no more ounces of brilliance left in me.

Anyway, to make it up to you, I now present you with a random spattering of some of our robots. (See flickr for larger images.)

I've been designing and coding my little heart out lately, trying to meet our deadline of launching our robot line by October 1. I'm not sure we'll meet that deadline, but I'll let you know when the site is up and running. And after that, I won't have any excuses to not be posting frequently.


Blogger Carrisa said...

I cannot wait to see the new site. Will you be able to keep up with supply and demand?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your robots rock. I have a super old Polaroid -- would you want it?

Blogger janet said...

so it IS a business! Tell me more, I am so intrigued!!!

Anonymous alyndabear said...

This is going to be AWESOME!

Will you save me one in two years when I'm back home from England, so I can gleefully put him on a shelf? Yes?

I went to a flea market last weekend and some guy was selling a bunch of old, old cameras. The first thing I thought of was your robots! Unfortunately he wanted a crapload of money for them (and you live a million miles away).

Blogger L Sass said...

The robots are adorable.

And, AS sometimes goes to dinners with his attorney that stretch into the 11 pm zone. What is it with those time sucking small biz lawyers????

Blogger Michelle said...

those robots are awesome! love 'em! can't wait to see the site :)

Blogger Abbie said...

Like Janet, I thought this was a hobby. I have read your past blogs and maybe I missed the business part of it. You and your husband are talented!
Can't wait for the launch!

Blogger velocibadgergirl said...

Oh MAN those things are cute. I hope they'll be affordable so I can get one! :D

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