I have been baffled by the actions of my husband many times over.

And you'd think by now there wouldn't be much that would surprise me. However, I've recently learned something about Nick that just plain freaks me out.

When he takes his lunch to work, he doesn't use the office refrigerator to keep it cold. He just lets it sit on his desk, becoming lukewarm, before eating it. We're talking turkey sandwiches here, and things like yogurt and frozen dinners. Everything warms up on his desk before consumption.

I’d like to point out that I have witnessed him doing this with pizza and leftover mac and cheese before at our house, and I can almost kind of understand that, although it still bothers me. I suppose they are habits he picked up from being a young college guy living in a house with other young college guys. Your standards of sanitary can dive pretty low in that particular situation. Believe me, I used their bathroom before.

And I'm sure Nick is very much aware of the joys of modern refrigeration systems, as we do not salt our meats in a backyard shack or spend months canning stuff and storing it in a cellar. We actually have a refrigerator at home and use it quite frequently. I've even seen him poke around in there, so I'm sure he understands its purpose. They do have a refrigerator at his office, because I've asked just to make sure, and it's really not all that far away from his desk. So what gives?

Perhaps he just really likes to eat things warm? Maybe the office refrigerator is really full, smelly or dirty? Or maybe he’s just way too lazy or busy to be concerned with refrigeration? It’s possible he’s trying to build up his immune system by eating things with extra bacteria growth. And he might actually be onto something, because he almost never gets sick.

Either way, if you work with Nick, don’t steal his lunch. Trust me, you won’t want it.


Blogger Carrisa said...

I've been known to take a sandwich out of the fridge an hour ahead of time to let some of the chill wear off because I have sensitive teeth. And I guess with a frozen dinner it wouldn't matter... but I would NOT want to do it with non frozen food... especially dairy. Yogurt should be cold.

But I guess what doesn't kill him makes him stronger.

Anonymous Katie said...

Frozen dinners, ok then you don't have to spend as long microwaving them. Sandwich, maybe as long as there is no mayo. But Yogurt at room temp. YUCK! I bet he has a great immune system though.

Blogger janet said...

I've been known to forget about a lunch or two in my purse until lunchtime, but I never do it on purpose! Oh well, seems like it hasn't killed him (yet). j/k

Blogger Lara said...

i've done this before out of pure laziness. but i admit that when i eat my lunch, i sort of wrinkle my nose in disgust and wish i hadn't been so lazy. :-P

Blogger Lisa said...

I'm guilty of the same thing. I never put my lunch in the office fridge-never really thought about it. I just toss it on my desk and leave it there until lunch.

I do it too, mainly because I forget to put my stuff in the fridge at work. Our fridge is owned by another department and we don't have a key to the room it's in, and they always come in late, so it's easy to forget. I don't mind with things like sandwiches and frozen dinners (I'm going to nuke them anyway, I figure it just saves me a few minutes of cooking if it's already defrosted!) but yogurt is the one thing I can't compromise on. If it's warm I have to put it in the freezer for awhile before i can eat it. Yuck, warm yogurt.

Blogger L Sass said...

Ew! I like to refrigerate everything immediately. Then again, I also refrigerate my peanut butter sandwiches, so I might go a tad overboard.

Blogger Chris said...

Yeah, I could never do that. I don't even like the idea of leftovers. Refrigeration is vital. That's like thumbing your nose at a century of food cooling technology!

Blogger Abbie said...

I'm with whoever mentioned Time on the frozen dinners, especially when it's like black friday around here during lunch where the entire building has just one microwave and everyone is into frozen dinners..

Blogger heidikins said...

Hm, I do both fairly regularly: Immediately upon arrival at work, stash lunch in the break-room fridge... or drop handbag on desk and completely forget about it until 1:00... I guess I'm considerably less OCD than I thought!


Blogger Lindsey said...

I'm with Laurel...I also refrigerate peanut butter sandwiches! I think they taste better that way.

Nick is gross. Make him stop! :-)

Blogger Nap Queen said...

Keeping all that stuff at room temperature totally ooogs me out, but thinking back on it, I remember having to do that as a kid in elementary school. My mom would pack me a lunch (often with a turkey sandwich) and it would sit in my bag until lunchtime. Ick! It's a wonder we didn't get sick all the time.

Blogger swissfamilysnyder said...

He picked this up at his family home. I've seen them the boys eat pizza after it had been left out all night. Ask all his brothers, they do it too.

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