Three completely unrelated topics
First thing:

Yesterday they were doing elevator maintenance at my building. They had a yellow plastic cover thing around one of the elevators to keep people away from the open shaft. I found the graphics on this plastic cover rather humorous -- it was a businessman illustration doing what looked like the Egyptian with a big red line drawn through it. I think the wording was something like "Danger, stay back," but in my head I totally replaced it with "Danger, walking like an Egyptian near the elevator shaft is not permitted." I really wanted to take a picture so you could share in my visual, but I was embarrassed to snap it with the maintenance worker standing right there. Sorry, guys.

And now that stupid song is stuck in my head.

Second thing:

As Nick and I were carpooling on the way into work this morning, we were merrily munching on our granola bars and having a grand old conversation about something I'm sure was very thought-provoking and intelligent. Nick keeps staring at me as I'm talking, and he was performing the annoying little motion that we all do when there's something on someone's face. Thinking I have granola bar on my face, I'm continuing to talk and wipe it away at the same time. It's obviously not to his liking, as he takes matters into his own hands and tries to wipe it away from the corner of my lip. That doesn't do the trick either, so I pull down the mirror on the back of the visor for closer inspection. I see absolutely nothing.

He's certain that he's looking at the alien matter right this minute, so I'm like, "What, is it my scar?" Um yeah, it was the tiny little scar I've had on my lip for pretty much my whole life. And I've been with Nick for what, like five whole years? I would like to think that he's looked at my face at least once or twice before today.

The first words out of his mouth after this were, "You're going to blog about this, aren't you?" So while my husband may not know what I look like, at least he seems to know my character pretty well.

Third thing:

Also on the way to work this morning, after I got rid of Nick and was flying solo, I hit a large Rubbermaid tub that was bouncing across the freeway. I couldn't swerve to miss it without hitting another car, so I took it like a champ. I've always thought those things were indestructable, but I think I obliterated it into pieces. You see, after I hit it I looked into my rearview mirror and couldn't find it anywhere. Then I thought it must be somehow stuck in front of my car and I was really paranoid that I was pushing this thing all the way into work like a huge weirdo. Don't worry, I wasn't, so this leads me to believe I made roadkill out of that tub. What's especially strange about this is that I hit an empty plastic bucket once at just about that same spot a year ago.

So people, please keep your plastics properly secured when entering the freeway, because I can and will destroy them. And do you think I feel bad about it? No, I don't. I'm obviously pretty heartless when it comes to plastic storage solutions.


Blogger Abbie said...

LOL!!!! The story with Nick and the scar is funny!
lol! Dontcha just love husbands!

Have a great weekend!

First thing: I have a small scar under my eye from where I was hit by a rogue frisbee in gym class (true story). I was freaking out when someone asked me about it a few months ago, because I like to pretend it's not noticeable to strangers (I notice it everyday when I put on my eye cream, of course), and Joel was all, "What scar? you have a scar?" Yes, honey. it's been there since high school. Thanks for noticing.

Second thing: I was just browsing through your flicker photos, and at the risk of sounding like a psycho, you are gorgeous. Is it the healthy midwestern air that gives you such great skin/hair/smile? If it is, I'm moving tomorrow.

Blogger L Sass said...

Now I'm going to have "Walk Like an Egyptian" in my head all day, too!

Blogger Michelle said...

Yes, thanks for putting that song in all of our heads! :)

Blogger janet said...

three cute stories -- thanks for those :)

Blogger rudecactus said...

I'm never getting that song out of my head now, am I?

Blogger Lindsey said...

I have a little freckle on the top of my lip and sadly, it looks a little like a light brown piece of pepper or something. I haven't had it my whole life, but I've had it for a few years. Last time my mom was visiting she kept telling me I needed to wipe it off of my face...and I kept wiping at my face and nothing was happening. I looked in the mirror and I was like, MOM it's a freckle!! She was like, oh? Has that always been there? No, it hadn't but STILL!

Blogger velocibadgergirl said...

Every time MB does something particularly boneheaded, he says in a very resigned tone, "You're going to blog about this, aren't you?" At least they know what's coming to 'em!

Also, in Nick's defense, the other day MB came to me and lifted his shirt, pointed to his back and said, "What is that?"

I had to tell him it was an old chicken pox scar that he's had for much, much longer than I've known him. So...it's not just wives' scars they can't see, apparently ;)

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