Small town fun
Nick and I went to a wedding this weekend with three of our friends. We all drove to this wedding together, several hours away, which was held in a very small, rural town. We accidentally arrived about at this town an hour and a half too early and with nowhere to go and nothing to do, we had to get creative.

We started by taking a tour of the town's "business district," which consisted of a town square with a pharmacy, a teeny-tiny grocery store and maybe a handful of other nondescript buildings. We actually toured the area about three times, running into who we assumed was probably the town cop. He slowed down to check us out several times, particularly suspicious while we were staging this photo.

Next to an Amish man hand-weaving baskets was a little antique store where we searched for some awesome robot parts with our friends. Nick was slightly distracted at first, but eventually helped with the search. We left with some great finds and some even better advice.

With more time to kill, we took one more lap of the town before ending up at a local bar. This bar was being renovated, but don't worry, they just moved everything outside underneath a tent. What else would you expect?

We shared a lot of laughs over this town, but we had such a good time with our friends and such a good time at the wedding and reception.

The outdoor bartender even invited us back. Who wants to carpool?


Blogger janet said...

I'll go! :)

Blogger Aimee said...

How fun! Anytime a bar is housed outside under a tent, you can totally count me in!

Blogger L Sass said...

I love all bars under tents and / or on boats, so I'm in!

Blogger Kate said...

i love outdoor bars! i'd go! :)

Blogger Abbie said...

I love small towns like the one you discribed, but for obvious reasons I can't go scouting by my lonesome.
Love your pictures!

Blogger Lindsey said...

That actually sounds like it was a lot of fun...interesting at the very least!

Anonymous LaLa said...

Count me in! Outdoor drinking is one of my favourite activites! x

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