Shocking story to follow
With a completely empty calendar for this past weekend and a pact to try not to spend any money, Nick and I mostly looked forward to holing up inside our house, wearing sweats and building robots.

We were all set up in our basement with our power tools and parts, making quite a bit of progress on Arvin, the first bot of the day. (He's quite a stud, let me tell you!) Then we started working on a second robot, only to discover the head that we drilled onto the body just wasn't working for us. This robot was simply not good-looking enough for our tastes, and his head had to be removed promptly.

So Nick took our old hand-me-down drill and attempted to use a screwdriver to pry an un-budging dial that he thought would reverse the drilling action. Apparently he was too lazy to just unscrew it by hand. In an instant's time, the plastic dial, or what we thought was a dial, cracked and fell off, allowing his screwdriver to touch live metal. I had no idea what had happened, but he looked stunned and dropped the drill quickly. I assumed he just drilled a hole through his hand, and I was pretty much freaking out.

He hadn't drilled a hole into his hand though. The drill had shocked him, and the current had traveled throughout his whole body. He froze up for just a second or two, and even afterwards he said his legs and arms were numb and tingly. I was possibly even more freaked out by this, constantly asking him if he could breathe okay and if his heart was beating normally. I would have sat right next to him to take his pulse, if only I knew what a normal pulse was supposed to be. No need to worry though, he's alright.

We retired the drill, and it wasn't too long afterwards before we found ourselves perusing the aisles of Sears, drooling over new power tools that could be ours, all ours. Nick found it quite funny that his wife would even suggest going to look at such a thing, let alone to stand there in the aisle with him intently comparing power drill features.

After that little trip, we added a brand-new power drill to the top of our wish list, but unfortunately we're going to have to yearn for it for just a little while longer.

You know the pact I mentioned where we weren’t going to spend any money? Yeah, that's because Roto-Rooter had the pleasure of paying us a little visit last week, and charged us $300 for something as thrilling as clear drains. Dumb old Roto-Rooter is totally getting in the way of our robot-building, Starbucks-drinking, chocolate Frosty Float-consuming lifestyle. And I won’t stand for it.


Blogger Lindsey said...

If you give up that lifestyle, you've let the terrorists win.

I'm glad Nick is okay. That is shocking. Scary too.

Blogger L Sass said...

I couldn't say it better than Lindsey. Spending too much money at Starbucks is patriotic!

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