More fun than football
Perhaps you noticed that Nick and I just celebrated our one-year anniversary this past weekend. Or you probably didn't notice, so I'm telling you now that we did. We decided to take a little road trip to Branson, Missouri, home of flashy buildings, neon lights, the Baldknobbers, Yakov and Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede. What could possibly be more romantic?

Actually, there IS sort of a romantic reason why we chose Branson as our destination. But only vaguely romantic. My family takes a trip almost every November to Branson for the holiday festivities there. Four years ago, Nick and I had been dating for a few months and I asked him to come with my family on this trip. It was nice to get away from school for a while and for him to get to meet and greet the whole fam. We always go to Silver Dollar City, which is a theme park-type place for those of you who have not yet been enlightened to Branson's finest, and they always have a holiday festival going on. It's pretty typical -- lots of lights and decorations and holiday-themed stuff, and at night it is so beautiful.

At this point in our relationship, we were starting to get rather serious, but we had not yet told each other exactly how we felt. I was sort of hoping this trip would bring it out of us. One of us would be the first one to say those three simple little words. As we stood huddled together underneath the Christmas tree full of lights and music, sharing hot cocoa, I looked up at him and waited for him to say it. And he never said it.

The following day, the rest of the family went to some show that we were too poor to attend, so they dropped us off at a shopping center and we walked around there all day. We stepped into a little restaurant called Mr. Pepperoni's so that we could share some pizza and nachos and Nick could check out the Chiefs game. Now let me tell you, THAT has all the makings to be a very romantic venue. Back then we were in our new little puppy love stage, and we used to play a nauseating game where we'd say stuff like, "I like you more than blank." We'd fill in the blank with something we liked, such as chocolate or oxygen. This sounds like a very entertaining game to you, right?

And here's where our feelings were professed for the first time. I'm sure you're all on the edges of your seats, but please contain yourselves. Nick said, and I quote: "I like you more than football." He allowed a bit of time for a dramatic pause and added, "And I love football." How dreamy. At this point I really wasn't quite sure if he even knew what he was saying or if he actually meant to say, in the most non-sentimental way possible, that he loved me. I was so confused that I was afraid to say it back. Turns out he really meant it, and I just snubbed him by not saying it back.

To this day we still laugh about our "enchanting" first trip together to Branson. And we also still tell each other that we like the other person more than football, which in code now means, "I love you."

This year's Branson trip was so much fun. Mind you, we went solo without the whole fam (because how odd would it be to spend your first anniversary with all those extra people?), but we had a blast. Don't take my word for it, though. You can see for yourselves by checking out this photoset.

And guys? Have I ever told you that I like you all more than football? Because I do.


Anonymous Laura B. said...

Nick- I swear... only you would say I love you for the first time using the word football in the sentence! I must say it is very romantic now that you can use it as code =).

Blogger Abbie said...

LOl, this is so cool, ...and we like you and your cool posts more than football.

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