Apparently RPS doesn't solve everything
Is it normal to throw down a little RPS-action in the frozen foods aisle of the grocery store? We couldn't decide between two flavors, and knowing that all conflicts can and should be resolved through rock paper scissors, we abandoned our cart and went for it.

Nick was one of the flavors and I was the other. Best two out of three, we said. Nick's flavor won, but that apparently wasn't satisfactory. So he grabbed the other box, the loser box, and off we went.

And now I'm left wondering why I was subjected to shopping as though I am a 10-year-old, when Nick could have just spoken up and said he wanted four-cheese instead of cheddar cheese in the first place. It would have saved us a few stares.


Blogger alana said...

Well, technically it still worked - by facing the prospect of putting the three-cheese back on the shelf, he realised that he secretely wanted it to win all along, thereby pointing out his true feelings regarding the number of appropriate cheeses.

Of course, there are times when it really doesn't work, and even after you've picked a winner, you're still not sure which one you want. Which is why I usually spend a good ten minutes in the grocery aisles mentally debating pros and cons. Also, why I hate rock, paper, scissors.

(I think I've gone on way too long about this...)

I have the same problem as Nick. Whenever I use something arbitrary to make a decision for me (because I can't make decisions myself), I end up picking the loser. Joel wouldn't let me change our vacation destination after I chose Lake Tahoe out of a hat, and I'm still wondering if Denver would have been better.

It's a disease.

Blogger Lisa said...

You know... If every person solved their problems that way... It would make for some really awesome stories and less fighting. heehee. Maybe even world peace? heehe

Blogger Trish Ryan said...

I think the RPS plan is fabulous. Are you guys working on a marriage advice book? Because between this story and the one where he sent you inside so you wouldn't see the snake in the yard, I think you guys are onto something :)

Blogger Isabel said...

So I'm reading this and going "what in the name of HELL is RPS?" I read it and reread it....and THEN I figured it out.

I am so lame.

And now you know all about it.

Also, I heard an awesome story on NPR about RPS. I'm just sayin...

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