Oh, the suspense


Blogger OakMonster said...

Followed Rude Cactus over here. (Nice pic of Tinky Cactus, by the way.)

Sheesh! A surfboard? A room divider? A really tall Gumby? Whatever it is I'm sure it's massively nice!

Merry Christmas.

Blogger Rude Cactus said...

Skis? Um...or stilts. Yes! Stilts!

Blogger Isabel said...

I picnic table?

(Mostly I want to know how you did the awesome photoshop awesomeness.)

Blogger Isabel said...

So....what was it? I know it had to be a picnic table.

Blogger Angela said...

Who would have thought it would be a magazine rack? And no, not a 7-foot magazine rack. Just normal-sized.

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