My husband, he is so famous.
See for yourself, Nick is on Wikipedia.

What's that? You don't see him? Click the photo -- he's the "adult playing kickball" in the middle.

Too bad his only claim to fame has to be for competitively playing a children's playground game. And yes, very competitively. He originally signed up for the kickball team through a big group of my coworkers. Their first year the team went undefeated and went to regionals in Chicago. Yeah, I know, that's pretty big time.

The original team only plays in the spring session and has done so for like three years now. I guess one season a year just isn't enough to satisfy Nick's excessive kickball needs, so this year he joined a second team, the Flying Spaghetti Monsters, which is who he is pictured with in the now world-famous photo.

Also, take note of this day. This is the first and last time I will ever talk about sports on here.

You're welcome.


Anonymous husband said...

To be on Wikipedia is a crowning moment for me. I feel that I have achieved my goal in life, to play kickball and get recognized for it. I can not spend anymore time thinking about it as I have a championship to win tonight. I need to mentally prepare and be on top of my game. I also need to remember to bring juice-boxes.

Anonymous Sam said...

Wow! Now I have an answer for all those people who ask if I am related to anyone famous. Angie, love your blog. I will be getting on regularly so no sick stuff of you and Nick, ok!



Blogger Isabel said...

Okay, I think that is awesome. So awesome.

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