Do you remember this? I was so excited to get going with my new special little toy. Nick and I went out the very first weekend we could with it to take some photos. Eventually we even developed them. Unfortunately, the negatives showed me that I have an unruly light leak that I need to take care of. That's sort of the appeal of the camera, but this one was just not working for me. Even with the bad light leak, we still picked out two negatives to have printed, just to see what would happen. Mere days later, they were finished and ready to pick up.

It is now several MONTHS later, and we still haven't gone down to the photography place to pick up my precious little photos. Months, people! Sure, the place is inconveniently only open during the times that we are at work and not at all on the weekends. But I do have these little things called lunch breaks during which I could actually leave my cube, rather than just try to heat my meal up fairly unsuccessfully and eat while I work. There really is no excuse for my laziness.

Next week I am off work for the holiday break, and I promise to go to the photography place and pick up my pictures. Stay tuned for two of the worst Holga pictures you've probably ever been subjected to.

Practice makes perfect though, so as soon as I finish my next roll of film I'll try this whole process again. At my rate of speed, maybe check back here in about three or four months for the finished product?


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