Who's been baking in the bathroom again?
The bathrooms at work are equipped with Febreze. You know, as a common courtesy. Whenever I've noticed that a new scent, or flavor if you will, has magically arrived, I like to test it out. Obviously I only do this if no one else is in the bathroom with me. I'm not a weirdo, you know.

For about a month now, Vanilla & Baking has been making its spectacular debut in stall #1. Since the first day I laid eyes on it, I had to try it out. And since that very first whiff, I've been hooked. I like to spray a little bit right as I first walk into the stall so that I can actually enjoy it during my time in the bathroom.

Forget stall #2 with its extra handicap spaciousness! It currently boasts some sort of frilly frou-frou floral scent and I don't have TIME for that. What I need is the smell of freshly baked cookies, right there in the bathroom stall. You can imagine my disappointment if I'm not the only one in the bathroom, because instead of indulging in a spritz or two I have to just look longingly at it and try to imagine how good it smells. It's quite tragic.

But not nearly as tragic as the day that the bottle runs out because of my excessive use. I'm sure it will be replaced with something dumb like Meadows & Rain or Blossoms & Breeze and my bathroom breaks will never be the same again.


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