Hear of any Caffeine Anonymous support groups?
You know you go to Starbucks way too often when...

  1. You haven't even made it up to the counter to order yet and the baristas are already handing you your drinks. Said drinks are not just straight-off-the-menu orders either. My grande chai has to be nonfat with an extra pump of chai and no water. Nick's drink has to be a venti iced zebra mocha (half white chocolate, half regular chocolate) with an extra shot of espresso, nonfat and no whip. See? That's hard stuff to remember.

  2. For Christmas, the manager at Starbucks likes you well enough to give you free $5 gift cards. To Starbucks so that you can get more Starbucks.

  3. For Christmas, you've decided to bring baked goods to all of the baristas at Starbucks. And you don't even know how to bake.

  4. You pretty much know which employee drives which car so that when you pull into the parking lot, you anticipate who's making your drink that morning and are either really excited or slightly disappointed.

  5. You have a flickr tag dedicated to the cause. And it contains more than one photo.


Anonymous you da mom! said...

LOL, did you really get $5 gift cards from the manager?

Blogger Angela said...

Scout's honor.

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