I recently read this (via Coudal) and would like to say that in my personal opinion, Ronald McDonald should be moved up from #4 to the very top of the list. I have first-hand experience.

Don't ask me WHY this photo was taken, or I may have to kill you. Top secret. Suffice to say that I was forced into this situation and even though I'm smiling, I'm screaming on the inside. Very, very loudly.

I totally blocked this whole forced-photo-with-a-murderous-clown experience from my memory until I read that post. Then I had to go dig up the photo as proof, because I think the photo says it all. Also, I had to wait until absolutely no one was around before I could scan it in, because I don't want to be known as "Angela the Scary Clown-Fanatic" around here. Talk about embarrassing.

I'm also reminded of another creepy Ronald McDonald photo incident, now that I think about it. You guys are totally not going to believe me though. Anyway, when Nick and I were preparing for our wedding over a year ago, we went to his parents' house to gather up some photos of Nick back when he was actually an adorable little guy. We made the trademark slideshow of us growing up -- you know the routine. His parents keep all of the photos in these boxes in the closet, so we sat in there looking through all of them for hours. It was so much fun to take this lovely stroll down memory lane with him.

Then I suddenly pulled out a Polaroid. Of a baby. Sleeping in a crib. With someone looking over him or her. Sounds normal, you say? Well, not if that someone is dressed as RONALD McFREAKY DONALD.

I don't know the story behind this photo, but I'm really hoping it was like some sort of Halloween costume or something. Even then, it's still kind of scary. I'll have to do some further investigating to see if they remember the story behind this bloodcurdling picture. (They are probably reading this, so hey guys, what do you have to say for yourselves?) Also, I might just have to look for that photo again sometime so I can scan it in and give you all bad dreams.

We couldn't tell who the baby was, so I'm also quite curious if any of Nick's brothers and sisters have had recurring Ronald McDonald nightmares due to the trauma they experienced as an infant. What do you say, guys? Any fears of clowns? Bad dreams? Anything?


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