If we ever have kids, they have no chance at being cool.
A couple of nights ago, I think Nick and I were at our dorkiest. I had just been sent a puzzle from here, one in which you put it together to get a special code for ordering stock photography. I do not need said special code, as all stock photography that has to be ordered for work gets ordered by our agency art buyer.

Code or no code, I was still pretty excited to put it together and so was Nick. We wasted no time dumping it all out on our coffee table and started to look for something to watch on TV. And Nick found an old Scripps spelling bee rerun on ESPN.

I think it was about ten minutes into our puzzling and spelling bee watching when I just had to stop and laugh. I mean, here we are, sitting at our coffee table putting together a PUZZLE of all things, while watching a SPELLING BEE. And we liked it.

While watching TV, we saw a commercial for root beer floats, so of course we had to load up in our car and find us some root beer floats. We're suckers for a commercial with good media placement. We brought our root beer floats back home because we didn't want to waste valuable puzzling time. And then we stayed up as late as it took, sipping on our floats and watching crappy television, to get that whole puzzle put together.

And that, folks, is why you haven't heard from me in the last couple of days. I've obviously been very busy lately.


Blogger Carrisa said...

Well my goodness. With all that excitement maybe you two aren't cool enough to be moving into a loft. Or maybe you need the loft to make you cool.

And I'm pretty sure I'll be craving a root beer float for the rest of the day.

If what Carissa said is true, I am definitely not cool enough to live in my trendy neighborhood. All the MILFs make me feel like trailer trash at the grocery store. Oh well, at least I know no one is going to steal my car when it's parked next to a BMW.

You and nick are too cute. I HEART puzzles. But I can't do them, because I'm incapable of leaving it alone until it's finished. we're talking up all night, here.

Blogger L Sass said...

Amazing! To me, that sounds like the perfect evening.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Me, too-- I heart spelling bees and puzzles. Not to mention rootbeer floats. I'm glad you share these with Nick, just like I'm thrilled that my husband loves to do these kind of (totally hip) things with me! I don't think Mr. Squirrel enjoys rootbeer, though, but he'd help consume the float part...

Blogger janet said...

you crack me up! Laurel calls this dorkity dork dork. I love it.

Also, unlrelated but I thought of you when I saw this: http://www.craftzine.com/blog/archive/2007/05/robot_iron_ons.html?CMP=OTC-5JF307375954

Blogger heidikins said...

Haha! Fantastic! Makes me want to go find a puzzle, and some ice-cream.

Dorks unite!


Blogger Isabel said...

I love rootbeer floats so much.

And I just learned all about buying images from my husband. Apparently he does that for a living. Hooray, I'm one step closer to figuring out what he does at work all day.

Blogger Lindsey said...

That is so cute and sounds like so much fun...so I guess I am just a big dork too!! If my future unborn kids turn out cool it will be a miracle!

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