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A long time ago, I wrote a post about how I am becoming a stale cracker. Nick and I just don't get out a whole lot to do things anymore. We much prefer to hang around on our couch and catch up on Dateline and 60 Minutes and 20/20.

Well, I'd like you to know that we are turning over a new leaf. Last night, we got home from work and felt rather energetic. We just spent the entire drive home with the sunroof open, enjoying the almost-nice weather. As we pulled into the garage, we decided to actually do something crazy with ourselves. Like GO FOR A WALK. Outdoors. Around the neighborhood. Like a couple of elderly folks getting a free day out from the nursing home, only to spend it shuffling around outside, sans walkers and canes.

And walk we did.

We used to go on walks quite a bit because there are a couple of ponds in the middle of our neighborhood, in the fancy section where they require everyone to have identical mailboxes. We walk down to the ponds sometimes and attempt to skip rocks (Nick is a pro at this, and I tend to just pitch my rocks and wait for the plunk). We sit waterside and talk about all the boring things that elderly people like us tend to talk about. It's so nice and relaxing and bland. Also, good for the hips and circulation.

About a year ago or so, there was a new school built in our neighborhood and they brought in one of those radar detector speed signs for a while. It was pretty fun to drive by it and see how fast you were going (not that we were, ahem, speeding or anything).

I remember a nice little stroll we went on back then where we passed this sign and suddenly, Nick just HAD to run by it to see how fast he could go. I'm confident we were in jeans or something similar, not anything that resembled running clothes.

I'm not sure if you are aware of this, but you simply cannot test your speed and endurance from the sidewalk, so Nick had to go stand out in the middle of the street. He backed up quite a ways so that he could get a running start by the time he passed the sign. Keep in mind, it's not the busiest street ever, but at the same time it's also not private and out of the way either. The first couple of times he tried, his speed didn't register at all. A neighbor came out to laugh at the situation and informed him the radar didn't pick up anything under 15 miles an hour. Of course that didn't stop Nick. It only made him more determined. A few more tries later, his speed registered at 18 miles an hour and the neighbor and I applauded and cheered through fits of laughter.

This is definitely one of my favorite memories, Nick sprinting through the neighborhood at top speed while an old guy and I stand at the sidelines cheering him on. When we pass where the sign used to be on our walks, like last night, I can't help but smile and feel how lucky I am to have this goofy old lug around.


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That's so sweet! I love thinking of the little goofy things that remind me why I picked my guy in the first place.

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