Dudes, I don't even LIKE Spam.
Sorry about the lack of posts lately (not that you've noticed). I've been trying to post, really I have, but Blogger seems to think that I'm a spammer and should not be allowed to have this lovely forum of about four readers to do my awful and sinister deeds.

I know you guys probably hear this "Oh I'm so sorry, I meant to write but they think I'm a spammer" excuse as much as teachers hear that dogs eat homework. Since I can't have my mom write me a note, I snagged this as proof:

I was curious as to what I've written about here that might flag my blog as a spam blog, so I did a little bit of undercover research. (Okay, there was nothing undercover about it, but it just sounds less nerdy.) I found this little nugget of information:

Blogs engaged in this behavior are called spam blogs, and can be recognized by their irrelevant, repetitive, or nonsensical text, along with a large number of links, usually all pointing to a single site.

You know, I'm aware that my posts are usually irrelevant, and perhaps you could even go so far as to say nonsensical, but I really don't appreciate being told that by robots. Here I am showing robots a great deal of love, affectionately posting about them and designing my template around them. I have a robot staring at me on my freaking desk, for heaven's sake! What I DON'T need is for a robot to tell me that I'm irrelevant and nonsensical. Period.

And can we talk about the accusations of being repetitive for just a minute? Sure, I may talk about Starbucks and shoes and Diet Coke with Lime and foot duvets and sitting around the house in pajamas probably slightly more than my fair share. But I have NO LIFE and have to talk about something here, you know. So back off, okay?!

Lucky for you guys, this whole misunderstanding between the robots and me has been cleared up and we're now back to our regularly-scheduled programming, which is about nonsensical things such as Starbucks and shoes and Diet Coke with Lime and foot duvets and sitting around the house in pajamas. Enjoy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your blatant hatred and disrespect to Spam and those who love Spam has forced me to recind my love for you & your blog.

KIDDING. Sorry Blogger is being a poopyhead.

Blogger Lisa said...

You show the robots some love and THIS is how they treat you? Well!

So glad your blog is back to normal. :-)

Anonymous alyndabear said...

Welcome back, spam girl! ;D

(Pst, that robotic pencil sharpener is FABULOUS! Blogger is just jealous.)

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