Pretty much the most fun ever
What's more fun than spending three hours stranded in a Wal-Mart? Oh, I don't know, perhaps a root canal? Maybe being the publicist for Britney Spears? Maybe having bathroom cleaning duty for New York City's subway system?

Yesterday morning, I discovered a screw lodged into one of Kenneth's tires. The tire wasn't flat or anything, so who knows how long it had been there. Either way, we knew something had to be done about it. Neither of us could take off during the workday, and neither of us could leave during our lunch breaks. So after work it was. And of course not a whole lot of auto repair shops are open in the evenings, so we had to take our chances with Wal-Mart. And no pre-scheduled appointment.

We got in the very long line behind what felt like some of the slowest people in existence. Behind us was a cart full of screaming children. There were only two I believe, but it sounded like at least a dozen. The poor woman running the register was balancing countless phone calls with taking each person's information and ringing them up. She looked so stressed, I wanted to scream for her.

We finally made it to the front of the line. It was 6:00, and we were told our wait would be around two hours. Awesome.

Naturally, we did what any self-respecting adults would do in a situation such as this. We waited patiently and quiety in the waiting room. We ate fresh and then drank at least three refills of pop, making us highly caffeinated and bored, which is not a good combination.

This led us to do a little bit of shopping.

And then we did some real shopping, which is totally uninteresting because we were getting boring old groceries, except for the part where we helped a nice lady pick out a tie and a shirt for someone (not in the grocery department -- it was in the menswear). After our two hours of nonstop shopping, we went back to the auto department to check on Kenneth's wellbeing. And nearly an hour later as we sat in the waiting room with our entire cart full of groceries, we were told that the screw was in a place where they couldn't just patch it up, so we had to buy a whole new tire. Our measly little $10 repair turned into a $100 repair, accompanied by a three-hour wait. It was an excellent night.


Anonymous alyndabear said...

Ah well, at least you had good food and company!

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