More evidence of my immaturity

This little guy came in the mail for me two days ago. Thrilling, I tell you. I don't know where my love of robots came from or when exactly it started, but I think they are about the cutest things ever. I even made one into my blog template (obvious, I know). Don't worry, I'll latch onto a new fad soon enough and will find a new object to obsess over.

Anyway, Mr. Roboto pulls double-duty as a cute little desk accessory AND a useful pencil sharpener. Perhaps you will recall that I've been whittlin' my Sudoku-writing pencils with an Exacto knife for quite some time now. Well, my whittlin' days are over! Mr. Roboto gladly came to my rescue.

The mechanics of Mr. Roboto are such as this. You open up his chest cavity, stick the pencil in and sharpen as demonstrated here. The sharpening motion winds him up, giving him plenty of energy to walk across your desk. (He also comes with a spare key in case all of your pencils are pointy, yet you still want to be entertained by a toy robot walking across a surface.)

When he's not in use, he stands at the ready offering up one of your pencils, should you need it. I heart him.


Blogger Dawnie said...

That robot is awesome! I wish I had one, too.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous!

Blogger Angela said...

For a mere $5.99 at this site, Mr. Roboto can be yours.

Blogger Kelley said...

I may have to get one! Old Navy sold robot wrapping paper for Christmas (featuring red and green robots). I thought that was about the most awesome thing ever!

btw, love your blog :)

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