How NOT to select your sacrifice for Lent
  1. Forget Lent is approaching, therefore do not give a single thought to a proper sacrifice until it's already here and it's too late.

  2. Have discussion with husband about how you know you should give up Starbucks, but in order to do so, it will have to be pried from your cold, dead fingers.

  3. Consider alternate sacrifices that would yield a higher success rate, such as not ever staying late at work, or not vacuuming the house.

  4. Whine like a spoiled and angst-ridden teenager.

  5. Try to think of other vices you enjoy, like Diet Coke with Lime, napping, chocolate, TiVo, shopping and potato chips. Decide you can't part with any of these, either.

  6. Bargain with husband that you will give up ALL of these things one day each week, if you can enjoy them on the other six days.

  7. Pout when he says that's not really how it works.

  8. Think to self, "Eureka!" when husband suggests not snacking in between meals as a good sacrifice because you know you can still partake in Starbucks, Diet Coke with Lime, chocolate AND potato chips as long as you eat it during one of three windows of opportunity.

  9. Try this sacrifice out for a few days. Agree that it is totally easy and hardly qualifies as a sacrifice at all.

  10. Have discussion with husband one night about how you really should have tried harder to give up caffeine.

  11. Feel pressured by husband to give up caffeine.

  12. Be dramatic. Tell husband you now know what drug addicts must feel like when forced into an intervention.

  13. Finally, after much discussion, reluctantly agree to give up caffeine. But only if you get snacking in between meals back.

  14. Make it through one whole night. The next morning say, "Did I say ALL caffeine? I meant just Starbucks." Drink Diet Coke with Lime.

  15. End up exactly where you started (please refer to #2 above), which is sacrificing Starbucks.


Blogger Carrisa said...

I feel for you. Really I do.
You need a hug?

Blogger Angela said...

Yes, I definitely need a hug. And now more than ever do I need to make those chai latte cupcakes!

Blogger Lisa said...

Giving up Starbucks? Wow. You are very motivated!

Anonymous alyndabear said...

Soooo.. going well then, I see? Heeee. ;)

Anonymous Vaguely Urban said...

Seems like it was inevitable! Good luck with your sacrifice - and buy yourself cute shoes with the money you're saving!

Blogger Isabel said...

Okay, for next year: give us Diet Coke WITH lime. Which means you can still have Diet Coke SANS lime.


(and NO caffeine? Yeah, right.)

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