Nick and I used to have this goofy little tradition called Special Days. One day a week it would be someone's Special Day, and the other person was responsible for making the day special by planning a surprise of some sort. It could be planning to go see a movie that you know the other person really wants to see, or going to their favorite restaurant, or making their favorite meal, or what have you. It wasn't always extravagant. We'd switch every other week, so it was basically date night in a nutshell, only the planning responsibilities were always shifted back and forth. And also it had to be a surprise.

I loved when it was my Special Day because all day I would wonder what we were going to go do that night. Loved it! We would come home from work and Nick would suggest what I should wear so that I was dressed appropriately. I would try to put the pieces together and figure out where we were going ahead of time, but if you were planning the Special Day, you'd try to throw the other person off by false clues.

I don't know exactly what happened to Special Days, but they kind of just faded away and we stopped doing them. We got lazy and stayed at home more and more often. We also started trying to save money so we just didn't go out much anymore.

Earlier this week we were lamenting over what boring old homebodies we've become, so we decided to resurrect our date nights. We decided we'd split up the responsibilities each week, so that one person would pick what we do for dinner and the other person would pick the activity.

Last night we took this new format for a test drive. We stuffed ourselves silly at the restaurant of Nick's choice, which was lovely and romantic. Then it was time for my pre-selected activity, and what could possibly be more romantic than Reno 911!: Miami? Not much, I say.

We headed home at about 9:00, and I could barely keep my eyes open. At about 9:30, we were already in pajamas and in bed, and I was more than exhausted. I'm not used to so much activity. Guess we'll have to build my tolerance up little by little until I can make it through an entire date night without falling asleep before 10:00.


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