The sporting life
Is it normal to spend your Sunday afternoon at the tennis courts watching your grown husband play dodgeball with a bunch of other grown adults?

Didn't think so.

Nick is playing in a tournament in a few weeks with his kickball teammates, so in preparation, he's playing some pick-up games on the weekends with a group of guys who play every single Sunday and have done so for the last four years. Now that's hardcore.

And even if he WAS the very first person out the very first instant of the very first match, I was still very proud of him. (He did much better after that, so I shouldn't make too much fun.)

I don't know exactly when this tournament takes place, but I promise to document it with some photographic evidence for your viewing pleasure. It's quite a sight to see.


Anonymous Aimee said...

I heart dodgeball. It makes me think of Vince Vaughn. ah.

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