Guest Post #9: Sweet, sweet music
And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

Here is my update on the iPod gift card. It was a long road, but with the help of all five of you who wrote in, it made finding good tunes a lot easier. After a long and extensive search through all of the suggested music, I have the great pleasure of introducing you to Nick's Newest Songs (massive applause).

I will start things off by saying that we all need to be aware of David Hasselhoff's amazing talent and musical prowess. Thanks for that awesome suggestion, HollowSquirrel. And remember, never Hassle the Hoff.

The next band that I checked out was The Format. It was not so much the songs I had trouble looking through, it was deciding which CD to choose. I liked them a lot, so I figured I’d better just pick a CD instead of only one or two songs. Both "Dog Problems" and "Interventions and Lullabies” were great. Good call, Carrisa.

Carissa also suggested Mat Kearney. His song "Nothing Left to Lose" became another one of the lucky Chosen Ones, as well as "Starts With One" and "Chemistry of a Car Crash" by Shiny Toy Guns.

Isabel, who is obsessed with the Old 97's and their lead singer, Rhett Miller, naturally suggested the Old 97's and Rhett Miller. I had a few songs of theirs before, but I gave a listen to a few more and bought "Time Bomb" by the Old 97's.

Janet pointed me in the direction of the Grey's Anatomy soundtrack, which provided a good mix of songs (some of which I had), but there were also new ones that I now have the privilege of owning.

So welcome to my iPod. Enjoy your stay.


Blogger Candace said...

Awesome mix. I love The Format. Cadillac Blindside is an awesome band, one of my faves is "Straightjacket Weather" by them.

Anonymous alyndabear said...

Good choices. I love Mat Kearney. I would have suggested anything by the Fray. Am in love with those boys.

Blogger Carrisa said...

I'm glad you likes my suggestion. Interventions and Lullabies is just so much fun for me to listen to. Mostly the first five tracks.

You should also check out the SugarFree Allstars if you get a chance. I have recently been turned on to them and saw them tonight perform and well... LOVE THEM. The best tracks are Blame it on the Monkey, Parachute Pants, and Cadillac Lady.

And if you wanna go back and kick it oldschool... Jellyfish. Anything from the album Spilt Milk.

Blogger Isabel said...

Timebomb is a good start. Let me know when you need more music suggestions.

(someone at work just gave me 100 FREE DOWNLOADS. And can I say that I used up the first 65 in about 20 minutes. I kid you not.)

Hooray for new music.

Blogger Angela said...

How on earth do you score 100 free downloads from someone?? Why don't I know people like that?

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