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This morning, we were at an undisclosed location that I'll refer to here as Flarmucks.* We were looking at this dumb little locally-produced newspaper thing to pass the time, and in between big news items such as the need for volunteers for the Meals on Wheels program and the fundraiser being held by the high school orchestra, I found a crop of bad jokes to test Nick on. These jokes really aren't that funny, but Nick trying to figure out the answers was downright hilarious. Behold my favorite example:

A: What flower grows between your nose and your chin?
N: (Deep in thought.) Hmmm... let's see... it would be a body part between your nose and your chin, so it would be your mouth. Or no, wait, it would be your lips. (Appears completely stumped.)
A: Okay then, now what's a flower?
N: A lily?

And this is when I died laughing, because the answer was tulips. (Which of course you guys knew, right?)

Please feel free to use this joke at your next dinner party. I'm sure it will be a big hit.

*OKAY, quit looking at me like that, we did it again and I can't lie to you.


Anonymous alyndabear said...

Alright, so I wouldn't have got it either. ;) (Being blonde sure doesn't help sometimes..)

We have this running joke in our family that makes absolutely no sense and involves saying "It's not a tulip" in an Arnie voice. Yep, don't ask.

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