Eat. Sleep. Oboe.
Once nearly two years ago, Nick and I were in the car together when a minivan drove past us with a "got oboe?" bumper sticker. For some reason, this bumper sticker just struck us as so funny and random, and we nearly died of laughter. We would crack jokes like, "Darn, we left our oboe in our OTHER car, but normally yes, we do have oboe." We've laughed at that bumper sticker several times since, just thinking about how funny it was to us then.

Months later we saw a huge muddy truck (which is so typical of our great Midwest) sporting a "Pheasant Dreams" sticker and all sorts of pheasant decals. That one cracked us up too and we decided we'd start a list.

Unfortunately, I believe the only two that made it on the list were "got oboe?" and "Pheasant Dreams" before we lost our piece of paper and completely forgot about it.

However, yesterday morning on the way to work, you won't believe who was in front of us on the highway. I'll give you one guess and it wasn't our good friend, Pheasant Dreams.

It was raining really hard and Nick was paying close attention to his driving, but I could have spotted that sticker from a mile away. I couldn't control my excitement, so I loudly screamed, "GOT OBOE! GOT OBOE!" and nearly startled Nick off the side of the road. We took the opportunity to make a few more jokes at the expense of the oboe, and I decided as soon as I made it to a computer that I would see how easy it is to get myself my own dandy oboe merch.

And did you know there are really a lot of choices out there for oboe fanatics, much like myself?

  • There's the standard bumper sticker which started this whole thing. For just $6.99, I'm really considering it.

  • There are also these "Oboe-Licious" boxer shorts that I could get for Nick. Perhaps these would make a romantic Valentine's Day gift?

  • I've never actually played an oboe, so I wouldn't really feel comfortable wearing a lie.

  • Or how about this "Oboe Wan Kenobi" ringer tee? Enough said.

  • Then there's this long-sleeved tee for those cold winter months. I think the designer of this shirt says it best: "You're not just any heartbreaker, you're a playa - a crazy Oboe Playa. And you play the oboe, too!” That's exactly what I was thinking.

  • This t-shirt design combines two of my favorite things: cupcakes and oboes. And just $21.99? Can that be true?

  • While I don’t necessarily recommend it, to make an especially bold statement about your oboe, you could always go this route.

  • I’m really digging this one. I’m glad I’m not the only one who has always thought that oboes were twice as fun as regular wind instruments.

  • Have a baby with a love of oboes? Get the little one this little onesie.

  • If I even knew an oboe player, maybe I would.

  • Tell it like it is! Honesty is always the best policy.

  • And lastly, this one. Be afraid, be very afraid. Oboe players are pretty hardcore, and from personal experience, you really don’t want to mess with them.


Anonymous heidikins said...

Hahahahaha! This is fantastic! Absolutely love them! (And, since I actually know people who are true oboe-fanatics, I may or may not benefit from your meticulous research.) :o)


Blogger Katelin said...

haha, that's amazing. i love it.

Blogger Vanessa said...

Cafe Press is awesome! Let us know which one you pick.

Blogger velocibadgergirl said...

Oboe Wan Kenobi! Bwahahaha!

That makes me wish I knew an oboe player.

Blogger Aimee said...

Oboe Wan Kenobi is the BEST one! I think you need two. :)

Blogger Lara said...

oboes are apparently way more popular than i realized...

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