What did you get for Christmas?
Nick and I got a lot of really great things from our families for the holidays. We received one pretty crappy gift though, and that was the flu. It began arriving Christmas night, and hasn't left our sides yet. Lucky us.

We spent almost all of yesterday either complaining or sleeping. We even headed up to bed for the night at 6 p.m. Because of this, I was wide awake and ready to start the next day at about midnight.

I'm such a loser that typically I never catch any late night television. Last night though, I've learned that I'm not really missing anything. And have you seen the commercials during this time of night? Why do they bother? My favorite was one for the online portion of a local car dealership which showed people searching for vehicles from the comforts of their own homes, naked of course. They were properly concealed in the right types of chairs, but these were people who probably shouldn't be naked on television. They weren't exactly professional models, if you know what I mean, and it didn't do much for my increasing state of nausea.

I fell asleep again on the couch while watching some sort of celebrity court show. There was a regular judge and regular plaintiffs and defendants, but there was also a jury made up of three "celebrities" (please note I'm using that term loosely) who would make the final decision. I was in and out of conciousness so I don't remember for sure, but I do know that one celebrity juror was Paula Poundstone, if that tells you anything about the quality of the show.

I'm sure I slept through some other really great programming and awesome commercials, but I guess I'll just never know. Stupid flu.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Paula Poundstone...how low have you sunk? I'd hate to be one of the "lesser" celebrity jurors. The shame.

I'm SO sorry you guys are sick! That definitely puts a damper on the ol' Christmas spirit. I hope you guys recover quickly and can get on enjoying the holidays! Big hugs (and no offense, but now I'm going to go bathe in anti-bacterial soap)!

Blogger Aimee said...

the Christmas flu...how, um, festive.

I hope you feel better soon and can party like a rockstar on NYE! :D

Blogger L Sass said...

Paula Poundstone is a major celebrity to me!! ...but only because I am a super nerd who loves all things NPR including "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me."

Anonymous alyndabear said...

Ha, Jase and I are both sick with the flu as well - caring is sharing, eh?

Hope you're feeling better soon!

Blogger Lara said...

yeah, i got a bad cough that i'm hoping will go away soon. i also got a paula poundstone book, though, which makes me happy because i think she's hilarious. :)

Blogger Lindsey said...

You poor thing...I hope you are feeling better soon. The flu is icky!

Blogger rudecactus said...

Merry Christmas (a little late) and I hope you guys feel better soon!!

Blogger Trish Ryan said...

Girl, you need NyQuill. It keeps you away from late-night television and allows your body to heal.

Hope you guys feel better!

Anonymous Colleen said...

:( That really stinks, I'm sorry. I hope your New Years was better!

Blogger Katelin said...

Aw hope you guys are feeling better and New Years went a little bit better!

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