Again with the loft

We are really excited to move downtown. We've been practically counting down the days, and we still have a whole year left. This takes a lot of patience, which is hard when you are married to the Man Without Patience. To ease the pain, sometimes we have "loft days," where we park our car in front of our future building and spend the entire day on foot walking around our new neighborhood, checking out coffee shops and little restaurants and stores. We have so much fun on these days.

So naturally I was really excited to see the Walk Score generator first on some Kansas City message boards, and then over at swissmiss. Just type in your address, or future address as the case may be, and find out how many different amenities are within walking distance. Our new place scored a 91%, which isn't too bad considering this hasn't been built yet and will essentially be five blocks from us.

Where we are now in suburbia? We walk to the mailbox and that's it.


Blogger janet said...

yeah that site is pretty cool! my walk score is also 91!! (Honestly, I'm not sure how to get it any higher. I live in walking distance to everything I can imagine!)

I only scored an 86... which strikes me as low, since I walk everywhere. Hooray for the new loft! May you walk everywhere and have ample parking for your car.

Blogger L Sass said...

98!!! Woohoo. Got to love Manhattan.

The only thing that would make it a perfect score is if I could walk to a Target. Sigh.

Blogger Isabel said...

This is super cool. I got a 98%. I walk everywhere. The only time I'm even in a car is on Sunday's when we drive to Church.

The new house isn't so centrally located...I only got a 71% with that. Crap. That's gonna suck.

Blogger Isabel said...

I just went and calculated the score for my parent's house out in the county...it didn't even register!! That is crappy!

Blogger Lindsey said...

I got a 32% But I didn't think it would be very high. I drive almost everywhere. Occasionally I walk to the drug store or corner store up the street, but that's about it.

I "go on walks" but I don't think that counts since I'm not actually walking to a destination other than back to my house.

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