Co-Dependence Day
Yesterday, Nick and I may or may not have told each other to "go away because I'd like to feel independent right now" about ten different times. You know, because it was Indpendence Day and all. Get it? Get it?

Okay, we are very lame. And not just for telling the joke once, but for telling it over and over all day. And also for laughing at it each time.

But instead of discussing independence, how about co-dependence? (Like that segue?)

I'm pretty sure that Nick and I would be considered co-dependent on one another by most standards, but I also think I'm fine with that. We spend an obscene amount of time together. Pretty much the only time we're on our own is when Nick is at one of his many sporting events or when we are at work. We even carpool to the office together. We do the grocery shopping together, we go to the gas station together, we build robots together, we run all of our errands together and we usually even hang out with our friends and families together. We have two living rooms and therefore two televisions, but I can barely remember a time where we were watching different things in different rooms. We just compromise (mostly I'm always on the computer so I really don't care what he's watching).

I take a lot longer to get ready in the mornings, but I love how Nick just sits on the end of the bed and keeps me company, rather than going downstairs to eat breakfast or watch sports. I know that takes a lot of self-control for him to resist the scrolling scores of SportsCenter, but I suppose my brilliant and sparkling conversations are worth it. Ha!

I sort of wonder if what we are experiencing right now is just the notorious Honeymoon Phase, since we were married not all that long ago. Maybe one of these days we'll wake up and really just want to get as far away from each other as possible. We'll roll over in bed and say, "Honey? Please go away because I'd like to feel independent right now" and we won't even be joking.

I know that realistically that time is probably going to come, but until then I'm perfectly content celebrating being co-dependent.


Blogger janet said...

On balance I think it's a good thing as long as you are happy! We are kinda like that too, mostly in that we both have AIM at work, so we can chat with each other all day, and then we are together most nights, so its like 24/7 communication. It just seems normal at this point!

Blogger Aimee said...

I agree with Janet - especially on the communication 24/7. Mark and I email all day most days.

I think it's good that you enjoy each other's company. :)

Blogger Carrisa said...

Wow, you guys really are on an extended honeymoon. I hope that it stays that way for a long time. I am not so lucky as to be like that. Although we are better than we used to be. We went through a period of time where he spent his evenings in the living room and I spent mine in the back office of the house. And we didn't even sleep in the same room. (but that was because of his snoring)

A long time has passed since then and we are now married and I've found that having two fans in the room drowns out most of the snoring. So yay.

Did you ever get around to ordering those wedding pics? I'd love to see and hear more about the big day.

Blogger Chris said...

There is nothing wrong with that kind of dependence. Enjoy it ;-)

Blogger heidikins said...

I think it is sweet - and as long as you are both happy, I'm all for it. :o)


Anonymous katie said...

Do you still hold hands? My husband and I still hold hands and some of our friends think it is weird, but I just like being close to him.

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