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Blogger janet said...

do you think someone can invent a way to take your talent and import it into my brain? thanks, that would be GREAT!

Blogger Dawnie said...

I've heard that's pretty icky stuff - what'd you think of it?

Blogger Carrisa said...

I second what Janet said.

Oh and I didn't think it was yucky. Tasted the same to me.

I third Janet's comment. I'd really like some of that design ability.

I think the Diet Coke is healthy for you campaign is hysterical. (I drink 15 bazillion diet cokes per day).

Blogger heidikins said...

Love this campaign, laugh out loud every time I see the "healthy pop!" billboard on the way to work.

I concur with the design talents, can't you just scan your brain in and then we can all download it? You could even charge me! Think about it, it could finance a trip to South America, or Europe, or Vegas! :)


Blogger Lindsey said...

Yeah why don't I have design ability??? WHYYYYYY????

That stuff looks cool...I guess...the things they come up with these days to try to make something that is probably not all that healthy into something with vitamins. I just don't know.

Blogger La Flor said...

diet coke is evil: bad for your health because of nutrasweet. but hey, it had vitamins! ;)

Blogger Isabel said...

I haven't seen this. It's real??

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