Technologically non-savvy
Is it bad that as we were driving down the street the other day and saw a man running on the sidewalk holding a Discman in his hand, that we both burst out laughing? I mean, it's not like he was holding a boom box on his shoulder or anything, or running with really huge air traffic controller headphones on. He wasn't talking on a Zach Morris-type cell phone. It was just a Discman. But for some reason, it seemed so odd to us. Then it seemed hilarious that we thought something like this was so odd, when just about five years ago, we ourselves carried around Discmans.

So we did the only thing that came naturally. Made fun of the fact that we were making fun of the poor guy:

N: Wow, did you see that thing? It was like five whole inches in diameter!
A: I know, what's he going to do, PUT IT IN HIS POCKET?
N: Attach it to his armband?
A: Just imagine how much that thing must weigh him down. He'd go so much faster with a Nano.
N: I feel like maybe we should buy him one. Someone needs to do something because he shouldn't have to go on like this.

Then we parked the car at our desired destination.

A: We'd better hide our iPod in the console, because that guy with the Discman would probably steal it if he ran by here.

And if you're out there, Running Man, we're sorry for being so mean. We're mostly laughing at ourselves here. And we're also very sorry that you have to still carry a Discman. I sincerely hope you didn't get an arm cramp.


Anonymous katie said...

Oh it gets worse... My mom still goes running with a Tape deck, because she chooses to! She even make her own mixed tapes... I don't think it gets any worse then that.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've seen that too! And thought it was weird. And I'm totally not savvy at ALL. I didn't think I needed an ipod until another blogger told me I did. And my boyfriend swore he didn't need one - and now he doesn't go anywhere without it.

Maybe disc-man is better off than us. LOL

(you know, if you had kept that $100 you could have bought him a shuffle at least!) hee.

Anonymous alyndabear said...

I still have my discman in my drawer, I love it, it's still silvery and shiny and perfect and I refuse to throw it out.

But I do wonder how I coped lugging around a stack of CDs...

Ok... I still run with a walkman. The kind that plays tapes. None of my tapes actually work any more, so I just use it to listen to the radio.

I hardly ever run outside any more, and I am so overwhelmed by the choices of ipods and music players out there that I just keep putting off the long overdue upgrade... so go ahead and laugh :)

Blogger RA said...

I'm a caveman when it comes to at least two things: texting and mp3s. The texting is a no-go because I am seemingly incapable of typing at a reasonable pace on my stupid phone. It really is just easier to call me. And mp3s break into my belief that artists put together albums, not singles, so I usually listen to music as whole albums at a time. Plus, I heart liner notes.

Blogger Angela said...

Wow, it seems like it is a more widespread problem than I had originally thought! Just kidding guys, you can keep lugging around your old caveman music players and I'll keep quiet. You can't fight it forever though -- one of these days, you'll succumb. And then you'll have something really spiffy and new and awesome, like an iPhone, and I'll be stuck carrying around my old iPod mini from years and years ago. Then who will be the caveman?

Blogger L Sass said...

Every once in a while, I still see a dude with a full on boombox in the East Village! It warms my heart!

Blogger Lindsey said...

LOL I used to have one of those...back in the good old days..you know, when I would walk 5 miles in the snow one way just to get to school.

Blogger Fraulein N said...

Hee. I feel weird just typing "Discman."

Anonymous Colleen said...

I'm with fraulein n...It feels weird to even type "Discman."

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